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The Prophecy
And in time of greatest despair, there shall come a savior, and he shall be known as : THE SON OF THE SUN.
And he shall bring Balance to the Force.
"Journal of the Whills, 3:12"
Welcome to
Nathaniel Reed's
:: An ongoing episodic story of fan-fic set after Episode VI Return of the Jedi, and inspired by George Lucas' historical draft concepts ::
LFL production news for Waititi & Wilson-Cairns, and Headland
30th May 2020
On Star Wars Day - May the Fourth - the official site announced that director Taika Waititi, who had contributed to The Mandalorian (S1) series, has been given a Star Wars feature film project to write and direct ; his co-writer will be Krysty Wilson-Cairns. On the same release, it was announced that Leslye Headland will write and produce a new Star Wars TV show. No further details on either project were released, though SWNN gave some additional background information on Waititi's schedule, plus the current planned schedule for new Star Wars visual media projects already slated for the future.
Early in May, it was revealed by trade press that the original Jango and clone trooper actor Temeura Morrison will not only appear in The Mandalorian S2 but will play Boba Fett..... who has canonically officially survived the Sarlaac. Currently, it's being suggested that Boba Fett's appearance will only be brief... but we may have already seen him - or his uniform - in Series One at the end of episode 5.

Then, a little later in the month, it was rumoured that actor Timothy Olyphant had been cast for the Mandalorian S2.... and would be wearing the familiar armour of Boba Fett ! The official canon (Disney) has the novel Aftermath describe "a sheriff on Tatooine after the events of Return of the Jedi, called Cobb Vanth, who had found and is now wearing the Boba Fett armour". Many fan sites are suggesting that Morrison will play Boba Fett, while the Tatooine based Fett-armour-wearing sheriff, Cobb Vanth, will be played by Olyphant.
The illustrated virtual edition of Episode VII : Plague of Doom continues, and for this month I was able to create THREE pieces of art work ! (Admittedly, the first one was a doctored edit of an existing ANH scene). The two droids, See-Threepio and Artoo-Detoo have sneaked into the aura gas processing factory, and slipped into the control room for the pumping station. From here, Artoo is able to initiate the shutdown process to cut off the flow of aura gas into the mines, and restore fresh oxygen in its place.
The droids leave, and Threepio congratulates his friend on recalibrating the fresh air, and initialising the shut-down process.
Artoo squeals in alarm, for bearing down upon them is a hover barge piled high with scrapped droid parts ! Its claw arm grabs wildly at them, and they are forced ahead deeper into the processing factory !
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Kessel' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
For my virtual edition Episode X 'The Riddle of the Pirates', the continued Covid-19 lockdown has meant I have found a little more time to write ; akin to taking my cue from J K Rowling, a moment of inspiration found me writing the villain's final scene.... which I unabashedly say has a brief cameo from four Sith Lords, three of whom would be familiar. Another recent scene, however, has Han and Artoo arrive at a casino station floating in deep space. This is owned and run by the Pyke criminal organisation. A large-eared rodent-like Maz Kanata, famous innkeeper of Takodana, has directed them here in search of an ace code slicer, a young girl named Harker, who they hope will help determine how the refugee convoy flightplans are being stolen, and for whom...! The story as a work-in-progress can be found via the left hand side bar or directly here..... and a sample of the aforementioned scene can be found below....

The boarding ramp of the Millennium Falcon lowered with the mechanical hiss of hydraulic out-gassing. Han, with one hand on the upper frame of the hatch, leaned down and glanced around the hangar bay. It may be that old habits die hard, he thought grimly, but if they keep me alive just one moment longer, then I’m all in favour of it. Squat service droids for all requirements trundled and hobbled around the deck. Two other private space yachts filled the remaining space of Bay 5-14.

Satisfied that no untoward activity presented any immediate danger, he straightened, and stepped down the ramp. Artoo beeped, and followed behind.

“Stay tight beside me, okay ?” he muttered to the little droid. “I have no history with the Pykes, but this place is popular with all sorts...”

Artoo responded with a plaintive whistle that clearly meant he was dubious at Han’s confidence.

“Welcome to the High Stakes,” came a clipped, mechanised voice. The owner wore a rebreather and translator combination that covered most of its head. The narrow elongated eyes were partly hidden behind goggles, but even with all the apparatus it was obvious that the face was small in proportion to its over-sized head, the skull of which swept back into a taper. The figure was humanoid but about 8 foot tall, slim in torso and limb. It wore a formal dress robe of gold and white, cinched at the waist, and in its three-fingered hands it carried a datapad.

“Please provide your name, purpose of visit, and vehicle registration. Any weapons need to be handed in,” added the figure, indicating the squat box droid beside it, with an open tray on its top.

Without breaking a beat, Han answered. “Rahbatt, cards, a YT-1300, the Lady Luck.”

He slipped the cheap low-power N13 blaster from his belt holster and placed it in the tray. Just as well that he carried a small range of hand guns on the Falcon partly for this very purpose. His trusty blastech DL44 was hidden under a wall panel at the top of the boarding ramp.

The Pyke concierge rapidly typed the information into the pad. “Thankyou, Mr Rahbatt. May I suggest making your way to Deck 17 for those new here, and ascending if you wish to test your skill a little more.... excitingly ?”

“Thankyou, I will.”

“Your droid, however... “

Han reached into his jacket, and pulled out a small flimsy card. He held it up in front of the Pyke’s facemask.

“Authorised medical support. Just happens to be a re-jigged astro-mech, that’s all. Useful on my ship too, see ?”

The tall Pyke nodded. “Very well, but make sure you show it to the Proprietaire of the Floor as soon as you enter.”

Han nodded, and not wanting to linger any longer, stepped across to the passenger elevator, with Artoo close behind him.

The elevator door slid open and Deck 17 was announced. Waiting nearby was another Pyke, similarly dressed, who looked as if he was expecting Han. The Proprietaire held out a hand.

“Welcome Mr Rahbatt. Let me make a note of your medical card, and then our guests won’t have any unfortunate concerns regarding your droid here.”

As the Pyke took the card and passed it to a silver protocol droid to process, the host continued.

“To the left of you are the Sabacc tables and their aficionados, to the right are the participants of the Black Aces, and over there you will find purveyors of Jubilee.” He returned the medi-card to Han. “Enjoy.”

The myriad denizens of the galaxy stood, sat, perched, coiled, or squatted. Human, Rodian, Ishi Tib, Aqualish, Twi-lek, Zabrak, Bith, Chagrian, Lannik, Besalisk, Clawdite, Munn, and many many more.

Han gave a bob of his head in acknowledgement, and the two of them made their way through the crowd towards the sabacc tables. The erstwhile smuggler and gambler cast an experienced eye of the players at the first table, nodded in sympathy, and then weaved his way towards the bar which was wrapped around three of the walls.

At the counter, he eyed a wall decanter filled with amber liquid. He caught the Togrutan bartender’s attention and gestured towards it. “A small squiffian with ice,” he ordered, placing a coin down on the wood veneer with a click. He turned around and leaned back against the bar, reviewing the denizens before him. A handful of droids moved among the crowd, but Han could see these were merely Pyke-owned transla-droids or server bots. He guessed that clients’ droids might be allowed, under strict supervision, on the higher decks where the more serious players would be found. As the crowds flowed and merged and broke, he could see that the different gaming venues were delineated by raised flooring, separated by two or three shallow carpeted steps.

As the bartender placed the glass of liquor down, Han twisted around and called his attention.

“Hey, one more thing,” he drawled. “It’s my friend’s birthday. We’re throwin’ a surprise party for her later. I was supposed to meet her friend first, you know, the one who’s plannin’ it all ? Young girl, human, long dark hair down to here,” he motioned with his hand low at his hip. “Don’t suppose—“

The Togrutan’s two chunky top horns jiggled as he nodded. “Yeah, I think I know who you mean. Pretty kid. Lives here in one of the apartments. Often wanders through the gaming halls. Only plays down here on the lower decks, never higher up where the big money is.”

“Oh, that’s great !” Han beamed vacantly. “Gotta find her, the party, y’know...”

“Sure. Well, yer luck’s in, pal. She was here earlier, said she was going up to the Trigolds, wanted her snack to be sent up. ‘Bout half an hour ago,” he added.

“Trigold, yeah ? Thanks, thanks a lot !” grinned Han. He downed his drink, and headed back in the direction of the elevators. Artoo beeped and whistled, spun around, and followed him.

“Hope it’s a good party !” the Togrutan called after them.

Artoo gave a chirpy whistle in reply.

As soon as the elevator doors swished shut, Han leant down towards the squat droid. “Okay Artoo, keep yer eyes peeled. The sooner we can find Harker the sooner we can be home. Interesting that she lives here. Could be useful as a base to hunker down in whilst she checks the logs.”

The elevator pinged, and the doors opened once more. Han noticed that the Proprietaire on this floor didn’t bother to stop him for the droid. As they stepped in to the gaming hall, Han immediately saw it was busier here than on the deck below. They’d need to stay sharp and hope she was still playing if they were to have any chance of finding her before she retired to her rooms.

Han carefully made his way through the crowds, Artoo close at his heels, the droid’s head rotating back and forth scanning the patrons. He didn’t want to draw undue attention to himself, so he made sure he was polite as he eased between the crowds bustling around the tables. He grabbed every opportunity to glance down and review each player at the green baize.

He was just about to move across to the next table when a low growling snarl came from close behind.


Han turned, and found himself face to face with a medium-sized Hutt. The slug-like creature with short stubby arms had a purple-green hue to its rough and wrinkled leathery skin. It’s yellow eyes narrowed.

Han was just quick enough to drop his face into an air of puzzlement.

“I’m sorry, do I know—“ he began.

The Hutt turned to two finely dressed Twi-lek ladies beside him. It drawled in huttese and gestured in stabbing motions towards Han.

A dark-skinned human on the other side of the Hutt leaned towards the ladies and then, as he spoke, turned his attention to Han. “The Prodigious Chedda once had the misfortune to play Trigold against this Corellian cheat. He had said he didn’t want to see you ever again...”

“I think you have the wrong Corelli—“ replied Han, with a smile and an expansive sweep of his hands.

Chedda the Hutt rocked on his fat belly angrily, and balled his chubby three-fingered hand into a fist, which he shook at Han. More huttese was growled. Han realised there was no point trying to bluff his way out of this one.

“Ah, yes, I remember now...”

Han smiled at the Twi-leks and gave a small bow. He rested his fingers on his chest. “Ladies, it was simply a case of beginner’s luck on my part. It was a fair game. Absolutely nothing tricksy about it at all.”

Chedda spluttered in disbelief and roared rich expletives at Han. The ladies gasped and their slender hands flew to their mouths.

Now the gaming onlookers’ interest was piqued and they were turning around to study this fracas being played out beside them. The nearest trigold layers were laying down their cards in exasperation and craning to see what was so important as to disturb them all.

Han raised his hands in submission. This is not going at all well, he thought. He took a step back and opened his mouth to speak.

Chedda rumbled in huttese, and Han nodded in recall as the male companion spoke up. “The Great Chedda asks what happened to his five slaves you won ?”

“Slaves ? I... uhh... I dropped them off at my next stop. What do I need—“

The Hutt roared again, and, without warning, he flicked his thick tail around and into the side of Han’s chest, sending him sprawling. Artoo squealed, and rotated a full circle in alarm.

The Hutt shifted his bulk, and angled towards Han.

“Hold it right there, all of you !”

Two Pyke guards, helmeted and each carrying a riot stun-baton, pushed through and stood between the Hutt and the Corellian. Artoo scooted over to

Han’s side, who was nursing his ribs and cradling the medi-kit hidden under his shirt. “Don’t move Chedda !” warned one guard, pointing his baton towards the Hutt, pulsing purple energy sparking at the end.

The other guard shook his head, and his translator module on the helmet flashed green as he spoke. “Always your temper, Chedda... What happened this time ?”

Two more guards pushed their way through the crowd and stood nearby. They bore heavy-duty blaster-rifles, boxier and bulkier in design than a standard hand blaster, but shorter than a long rifle.

Chedda barked and spat in Huttese. The Pyke guards did not need the Hutt’s companion to translate the words.

“So you lost some slaves,” continued the guard. “When did this happen exactly ?”

The next rumble of Huttese sounded meeker than the first.

“Over ten years ago ??!” blurted the second guard incredulously. “Oh, c’mon on, Chedda !”

“If it didn’t happen here, then we don’t need to know about it,” added the first guard. “Come on, get out of here, off this deck.... now !”

Chedda set his face in a scowl, but knew better than to push it with the Pyke guards. As he shuffled his bulk past Han, the Hutt hawked and spat a globule of green mucus at him. It landed squarely in his lap, and he threw his hands in the air and rolled his eyes in disgust and resignation.

The second guard with the baton and the two carrying the blasters escorted Chedda and his companions towards the elevator. The first guard deactivated his baton, holstered it, and leant down next to Han.

“You okay there, pal ?” he asked perfunctorily. Han could tell this was as close to genuine concern the Pyke’s procedure would stretch.

Han, still sitting on the deck and nursing his side, nodded. Artoo had already extended a utility arm, and Han lifted the side of his shirt for Artoo to check the cardi-monitor.

“I wouldn’t go spoiling for trouble with Hutts, lad,” he jerked his chin, “especially if you’re wearing one of those...”

“Thanks,” mumbled Han. “I’ll bear that in mind...”

The guard straightened, and regarded the onlookers. “Nothing left to see here, get back to your games...”

As the crowd dispersed and the guard withdrew, one spectator a few tables away remained motionless, her exceptionally fast mind racing with possibilities. Harker was suddenly formulating a plan of her own.

As Artoo completed his diagnostics, his visual sensors picked up an alert, and he swivelled his head with a cacophony of beeps. He bounced his monocular eye piece back and forth in the direction of the young lady with long dark hair who was observing them. Han looked up and followed Artoo’s indicated direction.

“Harker !” he muttered.

With a groan he got to his feet, and faced the woman, their eyes connecting. Han nodded an acknowledgement, and started towards her.

Harker, eyes bright and alert, cocked her chin and gave a tight polite smile.

As he approached, she made the first contact.

“Wrestling Hutts is an unusual hobby,” she said.

“Yeah, and I always come out worse for it,” Han gave his most charming lopsided grin that he could muster given that his ribs still ached.

“Excuse me,” he continued, eyes narrowing, “you’re Harker, aren’t you?”

The woman’s eyes widened briefly. “Who wants to know ?”

“You were recommended to me for your specific skills...” Han dropped his voice. “Your, uhh, writing.... and your sewing... Is there somewhere quieter we can talk ?”

Harker smiled. “Never heard it described quite like that before...” She gave a brief nod, and glanced around. “Follow me....”

Nathaniel Reed, 30th May 2020
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