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April 2004
Details on the fourth dvd disc !
20th April 2004
The Official Site has revealed the details of the fourth disc in the Original Trilogy : Special Edition dvd boxset. Sat beside feature commentaries by cast & crew, the bonus disc will feature a two and a half hour documentary of interviews, footage, and 'making of' material covering all three films.
In addition to that, there looks to be a fair balance between 'lore' - characters, lightsabres - cultural impact, and gaming. I for one hope that the lore will be suitably in depth, and the cultural and film-making influences will not be simply an opportunity for 'back-slapping', nor be restricted to the north american territory. As with dvd commentaries and featurettes, it is always rewarding to be privy to insightful material ; and one must recognise the global impact the Saga has on film-makers, story-tellers, and the audience.
We may not be getting the choice of either the full presentation of the original films, or as optional inserts, or as separate material on the fourth disc, but one can only hope that this may be considered on yet another dvd release, possibly a six-disc set ??! Meanwhile, the petition to lobby for the archival release of the contemporary versions lives on !
We have been discussing this release, as well as a fan's desired dvd set here. What is also interesting to note is that the illustrated storybooks, first seen in '77, '80, and '83, will be re-printed to coincide with the dvd boxset release ! In the days before the internet and widespread multi-media, it was these colourful books that kept the films 'alive' for the fan !!   ;o)
Nathaniel Reed, 20th April 2004
The nineteenth of May, 2005 !
10th April 2004
.... is the release date for Episode III ! :o)
The Official Site recently announced this, confirming that international release dates will follow shortly. As with the other five Star Wars films, this final instalment follows the traditional release month for North America, and similar to Attack of the Clones, the intention is to run a near-simultaneous release globally.
At around the 12th of March, this post-production report revealed that of ILM's approximately 2,000 digital effects shots, 1,895 remain, with an FX deadline of the first of april, 2005 ! And although the majority of the pickup photography has been scheduled for august now, there will be some second unit work in Sydney this coming May for the Wookiee scenes.
Lucasfilm & The Cartoon Network's Clone Wars series has now been completely aired in America and online. Two of the last ten episodes have focused on a small adventure for Master Yoda and Senator Amidala, while the others have presented Anakin's tense duel with the Dark Side Apprentice, Asajj Ventress, on Massassi.
The fearsome General Grievous in action against Jedi ! And finally, Chapter 20 introduced the new Episode III foe, General Grievous ! Afforded an insight into the duelling abilities of this alien-cyborg, one wonders how much of this will be carried over into the CG version that will appear in the final episode ?
Similarly, the cliff-hanger nature of Chapter 20, plus this tantalising glimpse of Grievous, begs the question of further episodes to come, be they cartoon or other media. Discuss the Clone Wars matérial here !
Nathaniel Reed, 10th April 2004
The Clone Wars continue !
3rd April 2004
The official site, in conjunction with the TV releases via the Cartoon Network, have resumed the presentation of the popular Clone Wars cartoons. Available to 'Hyperspace' subscribers in large format, with optional commentary by the producer, the next ten episodes take us further into the action in this tumultuous time for the Republic. The final, longer, episode will introduce us to the military leader of the droid armies, the alien-cyborg, General Grievous. They continue to be good fun, with some nice 'Star Wars' touches : we've been discussing them here.
The fifth 'Making Of' webdoc has been released to subscribers, who get a glimpse of the weaponary we can expect for Episode III. This ranges from Aldera and Wookiee styles, to the iconic lightsabres, and even provides a sneak peek at onset rehearsals with Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Count Dooku !
And I have FINALLY begun the revised version of the Episode III Virtual Edition, based on (supposedly accurate) spy reports ! A permanent link is now available in the top left hand corner. This will very much be a work in progress as I find the time to start laying this plot out, and any artwork is more than welcome. Please ensure it is 470 x 200 pixels, and sent to the address below, or posted in this forum thread here. Of course, if this VE can be completed within 13 months, then all will be well !! ;o)
Nathaniel Reed, 3rd April 2004
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