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April 2011
A triumphant 'Corellian Eclipse' !
29th April 2011
The concussion missiles fired by Han from the Millennium Falcon have weakened the braces supporting the Star Destroyer's reactor dome, causing the ship's systems to temporarily shut down ! As the Falcon peels away, Chewbacca stationed in the underside gunport watches as the last two pursuing TIE fighters are engulfed by the explosion on the side of the reactor. The Wookiee roars in triumph and jubilation !
Chewie roars triumphantly as the pursuing TIEs and the reactor support brace explode.
From his speeding vantage point, Wedge congratulates Han on his handiwork !
Wedge congratulates Han.
And Admiral Ackbar gratefully thanks the two pilots for their daring attack : his starcruiser, The Home One, has earned a brief respite from the heavy pounding it was enduring under the Star Destroyer's canon.
Ackbar thanks the two pilots.
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Kessel' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
TFN recently revealed more details on Rinzler's forthcoming tome, 'Star Wars : Inside the Production Archives : The Blueprints', as well as five tantalising pictures from the massive book ! It will present on a large-scale a series of production blueprints ranging from the famous droids to the Millennium Falcon to the Battle of Hoth, with accompanying photographs and sketches, as well as interviews and anecdotes. Its size will mean a limited edition publication run, as well as a high price tag, possibly as much as $500 !
Nathaniel Reed, 29th April 2011
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