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April 2013
Discussing the state of the Galaxy with Mon Mothma
30th April 2013
Having arrived at the abandoned Senate Building on Coruscant, Luke Skywalker and Alana Seren meet with the Supreme Leader of the Galactic Alliance, Mon Mothma. As they enter the old building, Luke describes how the new Jedi candidates are faring, and outlines what he and his friends had seen of the secret Imperial operations on Kessel : it is feared that the aura gas producing factory - utilising elements of kessel spice - will enable Emperor Amedda to unleash a dociling and obedient effect on numerous worlds, swiftly enslaving them once more ! Palpatine's old deputy clearly cannot be trusted regardless of his protestations and political wordplay.
In this artwork by Nat, Luke and Mon Mothma, with Alana and Threepio following, discuss the latest turn of events.
Although this scene had been earlier illustrated by Scott back in 2007.......
Mon Mothma greets Luke and Alana. Image by Scott.
Luke describes his fledgling new Jedi Order, and begins to outline the Imperial operations on Kessel. Image by Scott.
....... I had been really keen to utilise the senate corridor scene from Episode II : AOTC, where Mace Windu meets with Yoda. This image allowed me to imply that although Palpatine had disbanded the Senate politic shortly before the destruction of Alderaan, Imperial droids kept the empty building running to a minimum order. It is in this setting then that Mon Mothma and her Galactic Alliance has been able to set up shop right under the nose of the Second Emperor, who is comfortably ensconced in the Imperial Throneroom of the old Jedi Temple.

Not to mention, the scene as written was quite lengthy, and a break in the dialogue with a new setting seemed to carry the main scene better ; taking my cue from GL himself who was known for scheduling "pick-up reshoots" and 'tinkering' with his finished product, it seemed right to re-edit this sequence a little !
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Coruscant' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
Through April, the Official Site has been explicitly promoting the 'May The Fourth Be With You' phenomenon, possibly to mirror the recent news about the Official Sequel Trilogy, but also perhaps because 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of the last of the Original Trilogy, Episode VI : Return of the Jedi. Alongside fan-based activity, an interesting article discusses the genesis of the punned phrase, and it turns out that our very own UK print media may have taken the honour of being the first to set it down in black & white ! In Alan Arnold's contemporarily insightful 'Making of The Empire Strikes Back', he cites the British media applauding the election of Margaret Thatcher, the first woman Prime Minister, with the original turn of phrase, "May the Fourth be with you!" following her landslide May 1979 General Election.
As May the 4th 2013 comes around, I wish "May The Fourth Be With You !" :o)
Nathaniel Reed, 30th April 2013
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