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And in time of greatest despair, there shall come a savior, and he shall be known as : THE SON OF THE SUN.
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"Journal of the Whills, 3:12"
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August 2003
The Duel of the Fates above lava ?!
30th August 2003
Could this be the setting for part of the Obi-Wan - Anakin duel ?! My thanks to Ben Christensen for the original Anakin artwork :o)
Tantalising elements revealed in the Hyperspace onset diary by Pablo Hidalgo suggest an epic duel between Jedi Master and Padawan, its duration lengthy, and its style "nasty" ; we are also discovering that it's to traverse several 'environments', and I believe this will be akin to the Cloud City duel where the fighting may begin in a relatively urban and civilised setting, and be completed in a more 'industrialised' area, perhaps an exterior location ... perhaps gantries above lava ??!   ;o)
In other, official, news, we have learnt that Sola Naberrie - Padmé's sister - will reprise her role in Episode III, along with the two young girls who played the daughters, Pooja and Ryoo Naberrie.
We have been discussing this development here, wondering how these characters will fit in with what we can surmise of the plot and its timeframe : will Sola aid her sister's pregnancy and labour ?? Will she be instrumental in safeguarding one or both of the Twins .... ??
Nathaniel Reed, 30th August 2003
Fan art : the new 'hero fighter' ?!
23rd August 2003
Could this be the new-look Jedi Starfighter ??! Click on the image to go to the 3 views in the Gallery !
Forumer and artist, Darth Michael, presents us with this possible look for the new Jedi Starfighter. Inspired by a recent report at, he has merged the cockpit of the TIE fighter with the fuselage of the starfighter seen at the time of the Battle of Geonosis, and given a hint of the Sith Interceptor wing panels too !!
Additionally, we have this stunning montage design from new forumer, eXu, who ties the climax of Episode III to what might be used as a link to A New Hope. He agrees in principle to forumer Indy500's long-held proposal that George Lucas might well re-use the Tatooine footage culled from 1975, but instead believes it can be drastically simplified and reduced to just Luke gazing through his macro-binocs at the firefight in orbit above him .....
A montage of Destiny ! Click on the image to see a larger version !
Nathaniel Reed, 23rd August 2003
Fan speculation : a 'bridging' epilogue !
9th August 2003
As promised, the Virtual Edition is PROUD to present a fan speculation by long-time forumer, Indy500 ! In the new Library section, the link for which can be found to the right here, Indy proposes that the 1997 Special Edition of A New Hope as well as certain aspects of Episodes I and II indicate that George Lucas will re-use old footage from 1975 to help 'bridge' the transition from the Prequel Trilogy to the Original. He suggests that the scenes, digitally cleaned and tweaked to be sure, of Luke and Biggs in Anchorhead will be the perfect closing scenes of an otherwise tragically dark film !
Luke Skywalker and Biggs Darklighter outside Tosche station, Anchorhead, Tatooine.
After a fade to black, and the metaphorical dust has settled on an Imperial New Order, we could be transported in time and place to the world "farthest from the bright centre of the universe". Here, we watch as farmboy Luke Skywalker, son of Fallen Jedi Anakin, gazes upon a space battle in which his sister's life is in danger ! Ignorant of his heritage and full of adventure, he races to share the spectacle with his friends in nearby Anchorhead. Childhood friend, Biggs Darklighter, has made an unexpected visit from the Imperial Academy, and privately reveals to Luke his intention to join the growing rebellion ! Unaware of what is about to befall him, Luke scoffs at his friend, and they go their separate ways. Days later, however, the farmboy begins to learn of his destiny, and he is, briefly, re-united with Biggs in the Rebel Alliance.
Who knows if Lucas will present this 'epilogue' ? But I know of one or two fans who would marvel at it's involvement !
Nathaniel Reed, 9th August 2003
An inverted environment ?!
2nd August 2003
The Hyperspace set diary recently revealed a huge practical gimble to be used to rotate several sets into an inverted position ! On July the 31st , this construct was put to use for the first time !
So what could this environment be ?? There is no point in creating a set, and then rotating it to reflect damage, so it must surely be 'in use' the right way up ! Could this represent battle damage, or some sort of mobile environment, possibly even a trap ? Or could it simply be a starship interior that loses it's artificial gravity ? Many fans over the years have wanted to see a lightsabre duel in outer space conditions - perhaps Lucas will be showing us one ?!
The online crew chats that are part of this service provide great insights. Don Bies, Head Droid Wrangler ;o)   confirms R2 will be riding a starship into the thick of battle, and will, as ever, be involved in some sort of rescue mission !
Nathaniel Reed, 2nd August 2003
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