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August 2005
"Luke.... pass on what you have learned..."
26th August 2005
So said Master Yoda upon his deathbed to his last padawan learner, Luke Skywalker. Clearly, from other dialogue, we know that Luke's first pupil will be his sister Leia.
But how will she fare once she's married to Han Solo and pregnant ?
Leia will face the task of coming to terms with her heritage and her "special powers", as well as share married life with the corellian general and the prospect of motherhood. Her emotions may well be torn between husband and family, her Jedi brother, and the new future facing the Galaxy. And in so doing, her fate may attract darkness....
My ideas for the Virtual Edition of the Sequel Trilogy are beginning to coalesce now, though it remains a challenge to weave in the Lucas style, pick up the reins from the Saga, and work in fan-inspired shared ideas. Above all, the existing EU spin-off material is to be disregarded, and the 'ST' is to feel as if Episode VII has naturally evolved from the parts that came before.
Additionally, my work on the remaining scenes for the Virtual Edition of Revenge of the Sith has been continuing, albeit when I have the time ! The fiery closure of the Jedi Order and the swallowing up in Imperial Sith darkness has been lending a nice inspiring parallel to my thoughts for the 'ST'. For example, Lucas has revealed that the Sith "used to rule the galaxy", and Sidious says as much in Episode III. So it led me to wonder what such a galaxy had appeared like : a tyranny of domination, or an anarchy of ripe chaos ? Personally, I believe that the forment of such dark maelstrom in itself would 'feed' energy to the Sith in their unceasing pursuit of power. They revelled in the raw energy .... until in-fighting saw them turn on each other in their attempt to achieve ultimate authority. Current SW lore describes how Darth Bane perceived the destruction of his Sith Order and came to not only realise the strength of patience, but also the merits of a Rule that forbade more than two Sith Lords at a time.
We've been discussing such a Sithly 'society' in this thread here.
I see the blogs have really taken off. But I'm now left wondering what is their attraction over a standard forum ? Other than personalisation of an entry and its content, a posting - and more importantly, a sequence of replies - is just that at the end of the day. I guess I'm biased in that I (like many others) have posted on a SW-related forum since '97. I entered this virtual world when Roderick Vonhögen began his manually-edited forum site back then, and it has served me well ever since ; thus, I cannot see the attraction of blogging. I accept that some bloggers can post a particularly thought-provoking essay, and I have commented on some of the ones published by Paul Ens on the official site. But I can't help but wonder that such a posting would prove equally well within a forum arena.
Whoops. I guess that last paragraph might well fall under the title of 'blog' ! :o)
Nathaniel Reed, 26th August 2005
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