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by Nathaniel Reed,  9/2005

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December 2008
A Tour of Nat's STAR WARS bookshelf !
20th December 2008
For the month of December, I thought I'd present a (brief !) tour of my Star Wars Bookshelf ! I guess every SW fan has or has had a 'shrine' to the Saga at some point in their life. As I got older, it moved from the Palitoy/Kenner toys (which are boxed and in the attic !) to the reference books and novels.
It may be a long and dry read, even with the photograph (two halves stitched together !), but it'll be worth it ! Hopefully, this trip will be a little illuminating, showing where my interests lie and what makes me tick.....! Click on the image to see the larger version... which can be resized & expanded again !
So, from the top down, left to right....
A bagged collection of magazines presenting TPM coverage | The Trivial Pursuit single wedge edition | Monopoly Saga 2005 Edition (covering locales from all 6 films) | Monopoly SE (released to mark the OT SE in 1997).
ROTS talking Yoda (over 500 phrases !) | ROTS Talking Yoda mug (3 phrases when it's lifted !) | R2-D2 figurine clock | five off-air VHS copies of movies (compiled for me by friends) | Han & Leia 3/4" toy figures (purchased 2006 to adorn our wedding cake !).
OT boxset of audio cds (the full score collection, prior to the SONY edition ; given to me by a french student !) | AOTC VHS Widescreen release, TPM VHS Widescreen release | four off-air cassettes of the ANH Radio Dramatisation | home-made 80' sequential TPM audio cd, the double-cd full-length SONY ROTJ, TESB, ANH soundtracks, the double-cd ROTS soundtrack, a downloaded AOTC single-cd soundtrack, the AOTC single-cd soundtrack, the double-cd full-length TPM Ultimate Edition soundtrack, the TPM single-cd soundtrack | the Original OT VHS boxset (purchased 1992 ?) | a postcard showing an aerial view of Matmata (!) | the silver OT SE VHS boxset | dvd copies of the laserdisc original OT, ANH Original / SE dvd, the silver OT SE dvd boxset, ROTS, AOTC, TPM dvds | the THX1138 George Lucas Directors Cut Edition.
Star Wars UK Magazine 'Vader The Ultimate Guide' | the ROTJ, TESB (given to me by a friend !), ANH (also given to me by a friend !) storybooks, the ROTS scrapbook, the ROTS, AOTC, TPM storybooks | the TPM Illustrated Screenplay (illustrated by storyboard sketches)|| the ROTJ and TESB Radio Dramatisation script books | The Making of ROTJ (John Philip Peecher), Once Upon a Galaxy - the Making of TESB (Alan Arnold ; out-of-print & purchased secondhand from California, May 2003) | the TPM Who's Who (including a picture of Adrian Dunbar as Prince Bail Antilles !) | the ROTJ novel (James Kahn, paperback), the TESB novel (Donald F. Glut, paperback), the ANH novel (George Lucas, ghost-written by Alan Dean Foster, paperback), the ROTS novel (Matthew Stover, hardback), the AOTC novel (R.A. Salvatore, hardback), the TPM novel (Terry Brooks, hardback) | The Annotated Screenplays (of the OT, Laurent Bouzereau ; also known as "The Bible" back in the day of the popular VE Forum !) | The Making of Star Wars ANH (J.W. Rinzler, hardback), The Making of ROTS (J.W. Rinzler, paperback), Star Wars Myth-Making - the Making of AOTC (Jody Duncan, paperback), The AOTC Illustrated Companion (the UK 'Making Of', Marcus Hearn, paperback), The Making of TPM (Jody Duncan and Laurent Bouzereau, paperback), TPM Collectors Souvenir Edition, The Making of ROTJ Official Collector's Edition, Cinefex 102 (ROTS), Cinefex 90 (AOTC), Cinefex 78 (TPM), Cinefex 69 (OT SE), Cinefex 13 (ROTJ) | Empire Magazine's Star Wars A Celebration (2005 ?) | Star Wars - From Concept to Screen to Collectible (Stephen Sansweet, paperback) | The Tao of Star Wars (John Porter, paperback ; a fun and enlightening read), Star Wars - The New Myth (Hanson and Kay, paperback), The Journey of Luke Skywalker (Steven Galipeau, paperback ; a jungian take on the OT), The Dharma of Star Wars (Matthew Bortolin, paperback ; a fun buddhist reading, up to AOTC), Star Wars and Philosophy (Decker and Eberl, paperback ; up to AOTC, good but dense at times, I've dipped into this), Star Wars - The Power of Myth (DK 1999, thin paperback ; tying in with a UK exhibition), Star Wars - The Magic of Myth (Mary Henderson ; tying in with the original Smithsonian Institute tour, an excellent review of myths and SW) | George Lucas Interviews (ed. Sally Kline, 1999, paperback ; an illuminating range of interviews from the early 70s right up to the eve of TPM), Skywalking (Dale Pollock, hardback ; the seminal unauthorised biography up to 1983), George Lucas - Creative Impulse (Charles Champlin, hardback ; official bio/film-ography up to 1992), three photocopied sheets of a Total Film magazine interview with George Lucas, June 2008 (sent to me by a U.S. friend !).
The 'New Jedi Order' novels : Force Heretic 1 - Remnant (Sean Williams & Shane Dix), Destiny's Way (Walter Jon Williams), Traitor (Matthew Stover), Rebel Stand (Aaron Allston), Rebel Dream (Aaron Allston), Dark Journey (Elaine Cunningham), Star by Star (Troy Denning), Edge of Victory II - Rebirth (Greg Keyes), Edge of Victory I - Conquest (Greg Keyes), Balance Point (Kathy Tyers), Agents of Chaos II - Jedi Eclipse (James Luceno), Agents of Chaos I - Hero's Trial (James Luceno), Dark Tide II - Ruin (Michael A. Stackpole), Dark Tide I - Onslaught (Michael A. Stackpole), Vector Prime (R.A. Salvatore) [the series, albeit incomplete (for now ?!), was generally good, some better than others, with some great visuals and interesting ideas... except for killing off Chewie ! The friendly loyal savage is a vital role in myth !] | Labyrinth of Evil (James Luceno, pre-ROTS), Cloak of Deception (James Luceno, pre-TPM), Darth Maul - shadow hunter (Michael Reeves, pre-TPM) | Tatooine Ghost (Troy Denning, intriguing for Leia's foray into Shmi Skywalker's world) | Vision of the Future (Timothy Zahn), Specter of the Past (Timothy Zahn), The New Rebellion (Kristine Kathryn Rusch), Children of the Jedi (Barbara Hambly), The Courtship of Princess Leia (Dave Wolverton), Champions of the Force (Kevin J. Anderson), Dark Apprentice (Kevin J. Anderson), Jedi Search (Kevin J. Anderson), Shadows of the Empire (Steve Perry, the post-TESB marketing event), Path of Destruction (Drew Karpyshyn, the first Darth Bane novel, which I struggled with), Jedi Apprentice 1 - The Rising Force (Dave Wolverton, a pre-TPM Obi-Wan), The Last Command (Timothy Zahn), Dark Force Rising (Timothy Zahn), Heir to the Empire (Timothy Zahn) Jango Fett (Graphic Novel, Ron Marz & Tom Fowler), Tales of the Jedi - The Freedon Nadd Uprising (Graphic Novel, Tom Veitch). [again, some better than others, these are ones I retained for various reasons... which now escape me ! Zahn can be credited for kick-starting the new EU, but I don't think his literary skill deserves the praise accorded.] | A home-made ceramic lightsabre handle based on Luke's ROTJ sword.
The following are novels I have given away, mainly due to dissatisfaction : Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina, Rogue Planet (I gave up on mobile planets halfway through), The Truce at Bakura (Ben's ghost announces he is to depart, yet film canon states he and Yoda will always be present !), I Jedi (praised by fans, but I couldn't get into the 1st person unknown hero), Darksaber (KJA going one recycled material too far), The Crystal Star (no matter how award-winning the author, it can still be bad), The Black Fleet Crisis trilogy - Before the Storm, Shield of Lies, Tyrant's Test (a scandalous hook of inaccurately revealing Anakin's wife pre-TPM !), The Corellian Trilogy - Ambush at Corellia, Assault at Selonia, Showdown at Centerpoint (an unthrilling plot in a lazy style that didn't engage me).
Resting on top of the novels : Two 'Spain' SW Medallions from Celebration Europe 2007 | Two Kelloggs lightsabre ballbearing games (leftover 'favour gifts' from my wedding) | Papers relating to a home-made SW Galaxy tactical game (Based on the map I created) | Photocopy of a spy photograph showing Liam Neeson and Ray Park duelling in Tunisia | Photocopy of the TPM novel description from Random Publishing Online Catalogue | Photocopy print-out of 'SW by George Lucas Rough Draft 1974' | Photocopy of the TPM Trailer Description from Dark Horizons website 10/1998.
Bagged and boxed OT Chronicles, OT Chronicles (my wife's copy !), Bagged PT Chronicles, Sculpting a Galaxy (Lorne Peterson) | SW - The Ultimate Visual Guide (DK / Ryder Windham) | Inside the Worlds of SW OT (James Luceno & Curtis Saxton, ill. Chasemore & Jenssen), Inside the Worlds of AOTC (Simon Beecroft & Curtis Saxton, ill. Chasemore & Jenssen), Inside the Worlds of Episode 1 TPM (Kristine Lund, ill. Chasemore & Jenssen) | ROTS Visual Dictionary (DK / James Luceno), AOTC Visual Dictionary (DK / David West Reynolds), Episode 1 TPM Visual Dictionary (DK / David West Reynolds) | The Art of ROTJ, incl film script (Ballantine Books, pb), The Art of TESB (Ballantine Books, Deborah Call & Valerie Hoffman, pb), The Art of SW, incl film script (Ballantine Books, Carol Titelman & Valerie Hoffman, pb), The Art of ROTS, incl film script (Ebury Press, J.W. Rinzler), The Art of AOTC, incl film script (Ebury Press, Mark Cotta Vaz), The Art of SW Episode 1 TPM (Ebury Press, Jonathan Bresman) | Creating the Worlds of SW - 365 Days (John Knoll ; very revealing, but an awful title !!) | Celebration Europe may 2007 brochure magazine, TV Film Memorabilia magazine (free at CE2007), Flyer and 'map' leaflet for SW The Exhibition (County Hall, Westminster, London, may 2007), Total Film magazine april 2005 (with hologram cover of Vader/Anakin), Total Film june 2005 2xmagazine boxset (one being a SW Special), Starburst Special June 2005 SW Saga, Empire magazine june 2005 (open the cover and Vader breathes !), ROTS 'film note' published by BFI Chapter cinema Cardiff, copy of May 2005 letter to Lynne Hale (LFL) requesting to meet in SF & original letter in envelope unopened & returned 'address unknown', The Art of SW brochure and leaflet guide (Barbican Gallery, London, sept 2000), pop-up Darth Vader birthday card (sent by a U.S. friend), SW Annual 2007 | newspaper Mail on Sunday magazine AOTC Special april 2002, newspaper Western Mail magazine ROTS Special may 2005, newspaper Mail on Sunday magazine ROTS Special may 2005, newspaper LA Times 'Calendar', editions dated may 10th, 15th, 16th, 19th 2005 (given to me by a U.S. friend) | Kelloggs Cereal box backing showing lightsabre puzzle games (games given as 'favour gifts' at my 2006 wedding), 9/2005 receipt from Kelloggs for 40 lightsabre games (I'd collected 35 myself !), Wedding Table Cards (home-made photoshopped montage of SW scenes), SW Shop 9/2004 receipt of ROTS hooded sweatshirt, Virgin Atlantic Airways 2005 sickbag with DK illustration of labelled lightsabre hilt | Bagged books (given to me by a U.S. friend) : SW - The Art of the Hildebrandt Brothers, Cinefex 65 ILM 20th Anniversary Edition, Topps SW Episode 1 TPM Official Souvenir magazine | Bagged books - ILM The Art of Special Effects (Thomas G SMith, hb) & ILM Into the Digital Realm (Mark Cotta Vaz & Patricia Rose Duignan, hb), ILM Application brochure & ILM Presentation ticket stubb at St Davids Hall Cardiff 14/3/92.
In addition to all that, I have stickerbooks for TESB and ROTJ, a handful of US Star Wars Insider magazines, an incomplete collection of UK Star Wars magazines, and about 98% of the old marvel comics. And a few items dotted around the place, I'm sure.
And boxed in the attic, I have (I think !) about 300 toy figures from the late 70s and early-mid 80s, loose but with their card backings ; and a selection of mostly boxed vehicles and ships - of course, it goes without saying that none of these toys are in mint condition !!
Feel free to discuss my Star Wars Bookshelf in the forum here !
Merry Christmas for 2008, Season's Greetings, and all the very best for 2009 !
Nathaniel Reed, 20th December 2008
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