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February 2004
The Original Trilogy comes to dvd !
20th February 2004
By now, most fans will have heard the wonderful news that Lucasfilm will be releasing the original Star Wars trilogy on dvd in september later this year. Of what we know, the 1997 Special Editions of Episodes IV, V, and VI will be presented, with a fourth disc of extras, including "new material" apparently. So, what will this mean for the fan ?
For one thing - and arguably the most significant - these films will finally be available on the dvd format ! Fans have been fervently wishing their release for many years, and although many of the more patient fans would have preferred to have waited another 18 or 24 months, everyone will be content to purchase this set come the end of the year ! We have to accept that Lucas' preference of movie version is the 'Special Edition', and that is the choice of the artist. One can only hope that a version of each original will one day be released, or at the very least the elements that were changed could appear in the supplementary material of this forthcoming set.
The digital format, and the mastery of Skywalker Sound, will ensure a beautiful presentation will be delivered, and retained, unlike our old fading copies on VHS video !! We will be able to add them to our shelf upon which currently sit the dvds for The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones, and within 14 months, complete the set with the accompanying Episode III edition ! Many fans are already wondering what material will appear on the fourth disc, ranging from behind-the-scenes insights to an overview of the Saga's mythic story. Movie commentaries are expected, with possibly former cast being invited back to offer their input ! We already know what Carrie Fisher had to say about her metal slave bikini, or what Harrison Ford felt about some of the "clunky" dialogue !! ;o)
One has heard rumours that not only ILM has been re-working the Special Editions, but that Lucas himself may have shot some new elements whilst working on Episode III : this would be of the order of 'cutaway' elements of Bail Organa or the Emperor. And we had also heard that John Williams, the maestro composer, was to revisit certainly A New Hope, and blend in the recurring themes for Darth Vader and the Emperor !
There is already rumour that an 'ultimate' set, presumably of all six episodes, will be released, with further work on the Original Trilogy having taken place, or on their presentation (in the sense of re-releasing the original dated versions). From a marketing point of view, a boxed set of six or more discs would be a given expectation ; but whether or not further work could be involved with the original episodes remains to be seen.
We've discussed the fan wishlist, as well as reaction to this year's release, here.
But one thing is for sure : September the 21st 2004 will be "a day long remembered"...... :o)
Nathaniel Reed, 20th February 2004
The Phantom Menace to remain secret ??
4th February 2004
Fansite maestro T'Bone provides a very intriguing and persuasive 'essay' on why he believes Darth Sidious will keep the revelation of the Sith's victory a secret from all but a few individuals. Citing Episodes I and II, as well as the prologue from the New Hope novel, and including Episode III speculation, he believes that not only might the Sith Lord's hand be forced to reveal the shadowey dealings, but that Sidious feels a Chancellor / Emperor visage is more agreeable for the general populace.
Additionally, he wonders if the speculation surrounding a duel between Yoda and Palpious, and the resulting injuries, might actually force the latter to retire behind the very "bureaucrats" that Lucas refers to in the ANH prologue !
"Once secure in office he declared himself Emperor, shutting himself away from the populace."
Tying in with further speculation that projecting an illusory face - the 'good Chancellor' - is also a Dark Side trick, T'Bone wonders if the Jedi Master duels the Sith Lord in such a way that permanently 'removes' Palpatine's face, leaving behind the visage of Sidious ... and thus 'forces' the Dark Lord to "shut himself away from the populace"...??
We have been discussing the Sith Lord's stratagem for conquering the galaxy in this thread here, while this thread specifically discusses Sidious' face, and how it could take on the appearance of what we see in Episode VI.
Nathaniel Reed, 4th February 2004
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