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February 2006
Another Mon Cal view, and casting the VE-ST !
19th February 2006
The creative process of drafting the Virtual Edition - Sequel Trilogy (VE-ST) continues, and over the last few months Scott and I have been able to produce a story outline for episodes 7, 8, and 9, and have been 'locking down' the plot for the first of the Sequel Episodes ! Of course, this creativity ebbs and flows as we fit it in to our less exciting 'real world' lives, but our intention is to begin to visualise some of the scenes, locations, and characters that we have been imagining.
Scott has rendered this amazing view of the ocean world of Mon Calamar, illustrating a scene early in the Episode VII story. Those sharp-eyed here will spot the five red dashes on the wings of the lefthand starfighter, and recognise the pilot !
Another view of Mon Calamar, by Scott, this time of Luke's X-Wing with Mon Cal Coraller escort.
But what about new faces to join, and stand against, our heroes ?! So, as Lucas has done on countless occasions, we will put out a 'casting call' for our virtual candidates ! We are ideally looking for 'up and coming' or 'B List' actors, and will require links to 'headshot' image galleries (such as ! The suggestions can be listed here, in the VE-ST section of the discussion forum, but for your initial consideration we need :
  • A young woman from a royal household, in her late 20s, fair or blonde hair, strong-willed but with a 'purity' about her.

  • A commanding man, aged late 30s to possibly late 50s, with more than a hint of cruelty and dismissiveness about him.
  • Happy hunting....! :o)
    Nathaniel Reed, 19th February 2006
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