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And in time of greatest despair, there shall come a savior, and he shall be known as : THE SON OF THE SUN.
And he shall bring Balance to the Force.
"Journal of the Whills, 3:12"
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February 2007
Luke Skywalker, Master Jedi.
14th February 2007
Since the death of his father, Anakin Skywalker, the son of the Chosen One has grown in power. Meditation has deepened his insight and his skill in the Force, and he has become a wise and confident leader. Luke faced the Emperor and withstood his foe's subtle and seductive ways, prepared to die than submit to the Dark Side and put his friends and the galaxy in danger. When Luke lay writhing under deadly lightning, his father recalled his own painful torture, and Darth Vader was inspired to destroy the Sith Master Sidious. The tyrannical reign of the Sith Lords was over.
When Mas Amedda assumed the Imperial throne following the destruction of the Second Death Star, the Jedi Knight approached Mon Mothma to discuss restoring the Jedi Order. The Alliance leader was aware that no Jedi Knights had existed in the galaxy for twenty years, but, inspired by the Force and the ghosts of Masters Yoda and Obi-Wan, Luke knew that there lived people who were touched by this power.
In a surprise move, Emperor Amedda himself approached the populist leader and requested Mothma's counsel. The stability of peace following the rebel victory at Endor was of grave concern to the new Emperor and his deputy Sly Moore, and he recalled the "golden age" when the Jedi Guardians of Peace and Justice were loyal to the body politic. They felt that if a broadcast could be made, such Jedi hopefuls could be invited for testing, and in turn, a 'popular police force' could be created for a new era.
Although Luke was wary of the offer, he couldn't help but agree with Mothma that this seemed to be the best approach. When adults started arriving on Coruscant and were being successfully tested for affinity with the Force, Master Skywalker conceeded that perhaps Amedda was indeed an honest leader.
However, in order to preserve the future of the fledgling new order, Luke arranged for the students to be secretly shuttled to Aquilae on Mon Calamar for their training, and Mothma agreed to hide the identity of this destination. The new Emperor remained unaware of this caravan route. The Jedi Master conducted the teaching, and he focused the students' minds and skills. One such student was his own sister, Leia Solo, who was a quick learner, so much so that she in turn helped teach piloting skills.
When word reached the Galactic Alliance that the Imperial military was threatening the world of Townowi, Luke and the others were immediately suspicious of the true agenda of the new Emperor. When the Jedi Master sought an audience with the Hutt Lord Barrola the Great, he was dismayed to learn that a dark-clad woman wielding a red lightsabre had been seen on Nal Hutta.
Investigations lead Luke and his friends to the spice mining world of Kessel where he attempts to rescue a prisoner. Deflecting Imperial fire, he cuts his way into the base of a stone tower and quickly ascends it.
Master Luke Skywalker uses his lightsabre to cut into a stone tower. Artwork by Scott.
Reaching the top, Master Skywalker faces an ancient but no-less deadly droideka, the destroyer droids beloved of the erstwhile Trade Federation !
Luke comes face to face with a droideka and quickly defends himself. Artwork by Nat.
Drawing upon the Force, the young Jedi deflects the blaster fire and leaps high above the wardroid, drilling his green sabre down into the robot's head.
The young Jedi leaps upon the war-droid, burying his lightsabre into his opponent. Artwork by Nat.
Master Jedi Luke Skywalker is a member worthy of the Order, a strong padawan of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda.
This new artwork can be seen in full size in the recently unveiled gallery section of the VE-ST, found here, under the subsection entitled 'Kessel'.
In SW Anniversary news, T'Bone has heard of a reference by an industry bod regarding inserting new footage into the films for the dvd set release. What the content could be, and even which film(s) would be affected, remains to be seen....
Nathaniel Reed, 14th February 2007
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