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February 2011
The Return of Chewbacca !
26th February 2011
Chewbacca the Wookiee returns to the Virtual Edition Sequel Trilogy as first-mate on the Millennium Falcon. In Episode VII : Plague of Doom, just prior to the start of the story, he and General Lando Calrissian had been sent as diplomatic envoys to the Imperial border world of Ondos. There, they meet with the King's representative to offer aid and find a solution that will allow them to safely and successfully ally themselves with the new regime. Unknown to all involved, the Imperials led by Commander Kane mount a surprise raid to kidnap locals for use in testing the new secret aura gas weapon, and Chewie and Lando, along with the King's representative, his niece Alana Seren, are caught up in the attack. They are swiftly carried away to the Hutt world of Kessel, where they are forced to work for the Imperials. Han, Luke, and Leia set out to rescue them, and once they are successful, our heroes plan a quick turn-about to mount a retaliation ! Chewie and Lando join Han and Leia in the Alliance armada against the Imperials at Kessel.....
As Han and Wedge continue their 'Corellian Manoeuvre' against the Imperial Star Destroyer that is bombarding the Mon Cal cruiser 'Home One', Chewbacca is stationed in the dorsal quad gunport, and reacts to the pot-shot taken by one of the pursuing TIE fighters - roaring and swinging the gun yoke around, he blasts the TIE into pieces ! Three more enemy fighters still pursue the Falcon and the X-Wing though.....
Chewie fires back at the pursuing TIE fighters !
Han congratulates his first-mate on the successful shot, but his attention is quickly drawn to the lateral quad laser canon at the far end of the Star Destroyer's side wall ! The Imperial gunners are now alerted to the threat posed by the two Galactic Alliance ships, and bring the canon around to bear on them.
Han spots the lateral quad canon is trying to get a bead on him and Wedge !
At the last moment, on Han's signal, the Falcon and the X-Wing peel away, above and below the two hulls, each now intent on their own targets. The lateral quad opens fire and catches one of the pursuing TIE fighters, while the remaining two roll clear and race after the Falcon.
The Falcon and the X-Wing peel away towards their targets, and the lateral quad canon opens fire, hitting one of the pursuingTIE fighters !
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Kessel' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
Staying with the Wookiee theme, season 3 of the Clone Wars introduces Chewbacca to their timeframe too ! The official site has some interesting production videos describing the involvement of Peter Mayhew and his alter-ego.
Nathaniel Reed, 26th February 2011
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