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January 2004
An Official Virtual Edition ?!
26th January 2004
Over the weekend, quicktime and AVI movies of a 5 minute recording appeared on the net, and it turned the online fandom upside down ! Why ? Simply because it was from a promotional screening of Episode III material that had taken place at a recent marketing meeting. Some brave soul had secretly filmed the presentation, and now fans around the world are profusely thanking this Bothan spy for revealing such a tantalising glimpse of May 2005, and of The Duel in particular !
I have seen the footage, and it is, without a doubt, astounding ! Set to AC/DC's 'Back in Black' - Lord Vader's new, but temporary, theme tune ! - we see a furious montage of rehearsals, set and prop building, and actual greenscreen filming ! We see Bail, C-3PO and R2-D2, Padmé, Palpatine, and of course, Obi-Wan and Anakin. We not only see Obi-Wan battle new foes, but also his padawan ! Yes, we see much of The Duel, albeit against partial set and greenscreen, or in rehearsal ....... and the phenomenal speed by which both combatants go at against one another is breath-taking ! And it's a dirty fight too. The fate of the galaxy rests on the outcome of this battle ... and both know only one will walk away alive.
With brief commentaries by Ewan and Hayden, one wonders if this material is intended to be officially released ; I, for one, certainly hope so ! We've been discussing this truly amazing footage here - please feel free to join in !
Other recent and intriguing news sees the (in)famous rumours return regarding Star Wars sequels, or even coverage of the Rise of the Empire, and possibly the completion of the Jedi Purge ! At the moment, as we discuss it in the forum, this proposal is dividing the community ! Have your say here : would you prefer to see the long-hinted episodes 7, 8, and 9 be made, or coverage of the earlier timeframe, or do you feel that the six episode Saga is complete ? And what media could be used for this material ? In a cartoon format like the popular 'Clone Wars' series ? Or television or film ? Or even an 'experimental' mixture of both ?
Nathaniel Reed, 26th January 2004
A New Year, A New Hope !
9th January 2004
A flurry of minor stories on the cusp of 2003 - 2004 kept the SW pot on the 'back boiler' as it were. After the near deluge of spoiler reports, life for the Star Wars fan, eager for Episode III news, has gone a little quiet. And perhaps that's a good thing, so as not to allow us fans to get used to, and blasé towards, this final episode ?
However, saying that .... I intend to draft up an outline of what is 'accurately' known about the Episode III plot, inspired by this superb rendering by fan site Episode-X here. Similarly, any artwork generated by this plotline is more than welcome, and can go towards the Virtual Edition of Episode III ! :o)
Any fan-made pics for Episode III are most welcome for either the Virtual Edition or for the Art Gallery here ! Email them to me via the link at the bottom of the page or post them in the forum here. If they are for the Virtual Edition of Episode III please make their format 470x200px ....
At the end of december 2003, the online BBC News site ran a nostalgic article, reminiscing the day when Star Wars opened in the UK, over 6 months after it had opened in America ! December the 27th 1977 marked the continuation of the world wide attraction to Star Wars as people of all ages and all nationalities fell in love with the deceptively simple story of Good versus Evil, far far away from the troubles that beset the people of Earth at that time. It's a wonderful read, whether you are from the UK, or were even born then ! It offers a glimpse of an innocent world in the pre-internet days !! ;o)
Fan site,, kept the Episode III production news afresh with this report suggesting actor Wayne Pegrum may well have been cast as the younger Grand Moff-to-be Tarkin ! Also, a quote from Natalie Portman marvelling at the choreography of The Duel, involving Ewan and Hayden's fencing prowess ! And finally, TF.N reported from the Star Wars Insider magazine of the tentatively confirmed reshoots and pick ups scheduled for later this year.
One last thought : this time next year, hopefully John Williams will have composed another breath-taking score ; foley and sound effects will be being added to the final sound mix ; ILM will be in the last stretch of digital effects ; and 2 or 3 trailers will have been released !
Nathaniel Reed, 9th January 2004
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