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July 2005
Revenge of the Sith dvd : the first of November !
28th July 2005
The Official Site has announced the north american release date for the Star Wars : Episode III : Revenge of the Sith dvd ! On tuesday the first of november - likely to be monday the 31st for the UK - the final chapter will be released.
Initial description of features confirm 15 of the eighteen webdocs, a full-length 'Making Of' documentary, a look at the stuntwork, and an exploration of the Prophecy and the Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker. Also, tying in with the release of the game, Star Wars Battlefront II will be featured as a playable demo on the dvd too.
..... And presumably, somewhere down the line the Prequel Trilogy will be released as a 4 disc boxset .... and one day possibly a publication of all six films !!!
Nathaniel Reed, 28th July 2005
"Looking away to the future, to the horizon..."
10th July 2005
As previously introduced, this discussion thread has been opening up the speculation for a virtual sequel trilogy, with considered and logical in-lore rationale for how we might continue the six-episode Saga into the once-planned nine parts !
At this stage, discussion is welcome and currently offers a smorgasboard of approaches, though it is fair to say that the final story outline will be focused by a small group of people.
However, a fun approach, even at this point in time, is to look up dated and contemporary photos of the leading cast of Episode VI on sites such as Google's 'Image Search', and work their older faces into their Jedi characters ! I've found time to 'photoshop' Luke over the years, and produced these results, both inspiring and intruiging ......
...inspired by both the post-ROTJ MARVEL comics and Obi-Wan's ROTS tunic !
Check out the original Luke Skywalker aboard Jabba's Sail Barge here !
.... food for thought, if nothing else !! LOL
Elsewhere, the Official Site's 'HyperSpace' has been revisiting the ROTS 'Set Diaries', less 'sensitive' now that the film has opened ; a particularly insightful one retells the (double !) demise of Shaak-Ti ! And site author Paul Ens' Blog continues to be a well-thought treatsie on various points raised by the Saga now that it's complete, in particular his seven-year-old's natural observations of the in-lore continuity between episodes III and IV.
And I have the wonderful task of finding the discipline and time to complete the VEE3, which is currently 'stuck' on Mustafar !!
Nathaniel Reed, 10th July 2005
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