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March 2004
2004 pickup shoots revised
14th March 2004
The Official Site recently announced a revision to the scheduled 2004 pickup shoots. This is the habitual studio work that allows for extra character cues and even possibly a whole new scene, determined from the on-going process of editing Episode III in such a non-linear fashion.
The intention now is to return to Sydney in May and capture all the Wookiee scenes since the cast are all local to Australia. It remains to be seen whether or not Peter Mayhew - Chewbacca - will join them. Then in August, a final return for Star Wars to England, to complete the necessary 'missing' reaction shots, as well as any new scenes deemed appropriate to the flow of the plot.
The second 'Making Of' webdoc has been released for general access, while Hyperspace subscribers eagerly await part 5 that should be appearing in the last weekend of march. The second release is more on the insights of the pre-production work in Sydney for the actual shoot, a kind of 'part two' to the first webdoc.
Two official sources have now provided glimpses of General Grievous, and his fearsome alien cyborg visage can now be pondered over !! The 'toon version can be seen in action here, and as a sketch - with two lightsabres ! - here. Also, has been able to preview an upcoming cover of the US Insider magazine, with the eponymous General stalking the front !
Finally, a roundup, for Hyperspace subscribers, of some of the Episode III character images that have been released :
  • Mon Mothma
  • Mace Windu
  • Darth Tyranus
  • Padmé
  • Anakin
  • Nathaniel Reed, 14th March 2004
    The 'Making of Episode III' begins !
    3rd March 2004
    The Official site has now begun releasing the popular 'webdocs' chronicling the Making of Episode III. The first four have already been released - one a month - exclusively to 'HyperSpace' subscribers, but now every fan has a chance to begin watching them !
    The first part follows the conceptual art work at Skywalker Ranch, as well as the pre-shoot prepping carried out by the set designers in Sydney. We see glimpses of set maquettes and final prop dressing ; Ewan's make-up tests as his appearance is brought subtley closer to that of Sir Alec Guiness ; the brand new roguish look for Anakin ; and camcorder-captured blocking of proposed lightsabre duels ... yes, including THE Duel !! Oh, and the sharp-eyed will notice artwork at Skywalker Ranch that is of a very red hue !! ;o)
    The latest webdoc, meanwhile, is a two-parter and introduces us to General Grievous, the Separatist military leader ! :o)
    His conceptual genesis, it is revealed, is quite specific, and although Lucas grants his art team a fair amount of initial creative freedom, the writer-director knows the impression he wants to get across. Like Maul and Tyranus before him, Darth Vader's 'evolution' is to be foreshadowed. Where we have seen a killing tool in The Phantom Menace, and a disgruntled Jedi Turned to the Dark Side in Attack of the Clones, we will now be seeing an alien-robot cyborg in Episode III - the xenith of what Anakin Skywalker will become !
    Other recent news had a french website revealing possibly the artwork for the Original Trilogy dvd boxsets - three of them ! - for the september release ! The themes were, 'Imperial', 'Yoda', and 'Vader'. The imagery looked quite sumptuous, and can only whet the appetite of the patient Star Wars fan !! However, an update tells us that the artwork was only conceptual test material, and the final designs will be revealed closer to the box set release dates.
    And has provided fans with a recently updated list of the 'facts' collated regarding the production and plot of Episode III. It's a very comprehensive read !! lol
    Nathaniel Reed, 3rd March 2004
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