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March 2009
Fleeing Kessel
25th March 2009
Amid the chaos on Kessel as the Galactic Alliance members flee, while Luke and his friends escape in the Millennium Falcon, an injured Lando Calrissian leads the freed prisoners to a Star Destroyer parked nearby on the salt flats. Amongst the prisoners forced to work the spice mines by Commander Kane's imperial soldiers is a cohort of Wookiees ! Their familiarity with starship controls makes them an ideal crew for the general.
General Lando Calrissian frantically orders the Wookiees to turn the Star Destroyer about ! Artwork by Scott.
Having successfully raised the empty Star Destroyer, in this superb illustration by Scott, Lando orders the Wookiee at the comms station to over-ride the energy shield signals to allow them to pull away from the base.
This new artwork can be seen in the 'Kessel' gallery. You can discuss the VE artwork in the forum here !
I recently purchased Michael Kaminski's 'The Secret History of Star Wars', a cinematographer and fan whose research was first published online here. T'Bone at helped publicise the original and reviewed it. The author has simply - but oh-so-methodically ! - collated published quotes, articles, notes, and plot drafts to illustrate how the Star Wars story - any story - has organically evolved and developed, from Darth Vader as a weak and cowardly general and Leia as Queen of Alderaan, through to Dooku instigating the Tusken capture of Shmi Skywalker and Palpatine being Anakin's father. T'Bone remarks how anti-Lucas Kaminski appeared to be, but my take on Lucas' revisionist view of his own history is that 40 years is a long time and genuine amnesiac confusion can very easily occur ; not to mention wanting to focus the public's attention on the final result of the Saga as we know it, rather than all it's permutations. I've only had a chance to glance through it, but I'll certainly be reading it from cover to cover as soon as I can ! This unofficial book looks to rank highly along with Pollock's biography, Bouzereau's Annotations, and Rinzler's Making of ANH.
Nathaniel Reed, 25th March 2009
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