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March 2011
Wedge and Han neutralise a Star Destroyer !
29th March 2011
As General Han Solo and Commander Wedge Antilles continue the surprise reveal of their 'Corellian Eclipse' manoeuvre, the veteran X-Wing pilot lines up on the terraced canons on the starboard side of the Star Destroyer that is pounding away at Admiral Ackbar's 'Home One' star cruiser.
In this animation by Nat, Wedge fires a pair of proton torpedoes at the near-most big guns and then peels away.....
In turn, Han has flipped the Millennium Falcon down to hug the underside of the great Imperial battlecruiser. Knowing that the shielding on the reactor dome will be too thick to penetrate, he aims for one of the support braces. A direct hit should cause a temporary safety shut-down, and buy the Alliance some precious time.
Han lines up on the Star Destroyer's reactor dome and aims for one of the support braces....
He lets loose a volley of powerful concussion missiles, and banks sharply away from the growing explosion !
The Falcon veers away from the exploding support brace !
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Kessel' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
Recently, the official site revealed the release date for Episode I : The Phantom Menace : 3D as February the 10th 2012 ; furthermore, it was announced that 'Prime Focus' would collaborate with LFL and ILM on the 3D conversion. Shortly afterwards, they also revealed the release date for the Blu-Ray box sets as September the 16th 2011.
And I've just finished reading J.W. Rinzler's opus on the 'Making of The Empire Strikes Back' : alongside it's predecessor chronicling 1977's Star Wars, it's a very well researched and insightful history of the full production of this amazing sequel. TFN has recently reported from C2E2 and publishers DelRey who have confirmed the go-ahead for the same treatment for Return of the Jedi. The same venue also confirmed the re-commencement of the Darth Plagueis novel that was cancelled in 2007.
Nathaniel Reed, 29th March 2011
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