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May 2012
Luke and Leia meet the Jedi Elders in Aquilae Base
29th May 2012
Following our heroes' return to Aquilae Base, General Dodonna has greeted King Oxus and Princess Alana Seren of Ondos, and offered them the protection of the Galactic Alliance. As Han and Chewie take the opportunity to inspect the Falcon after their thrilling escape from Imperial-held Kessel, Luke and Leia are met by the Master Jedi Elder, Dree Tan.
As Han and Chewie return to the Falcon, Luke and Leia are met by Master Jedi Dree Tan.
The elderly Jedi Master introduces the Skywalker Twins to five other Jedi from the bygone years of the Old Republic. Luke and Leia are astonished to learn of their survival since Order 66, living as exiles like Obi-Wan and Yoda, but ignorant of each other's existence. These two older VE editorial posts relate the backstories for these Elder Jedi, and for the Sullustian, Shingen Bunden. In this older artwork, I've now added the Mon Cal decor into the background of the cave wall, and adjusted Dree Tan's robe.
The Skywalker Twins are astounded to learn of the existence of five other Master Jedi from bygone years !
Meanwhile, Han and Chewie have gone topside onto the hull of the Millennium Falcon to inspect the damage sustained in their flight from Kessel. Hearing a deep rumbling whine behind them, they turn and see the arrival of the Imperial Star Destroyer, stolen by Lando and the imprisoned Wookiees and other labourers.
As Han and Chewie inspect the top hull of the Falcon, a deep rumbling whine behind them alerts them to the arrival of the stolen Imperial Star Destroyer.
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Mon Cal' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
Intruigingly, spy reports have surfaced, and since corroborated by public copyright search enquiries, of a Lucasfilm project revolving around the name - or code name - of 'star wars / sw 1313'. The patenting lists detail a great wealth of tie-in merchandising, and I wonder if this heralds a new story-centric game, or even televisual media. Equally, my thoughts are that the ident of '1313' could reference either the first of March 2013 or the third of January 2013. There's been talk of a comedy series due, as well as of course the long-anticipated live-action Empire/Gangster series (with the working title of 'Underworld') ; however, the latter seems to be stuck in the production doldrums (mainly due to financial considerations), and even though it would be lovely to see a new live-action Star Wars venture, 2013 seems too early for this project to be released. We shall just have to await further news on this.....
The BBC news site recently ran a picture-article illustrating the myriad links between Star Wars and the UK country of Wales, notably the role of Pembroke Dock in building the full-size Millennium Falcon exterior set, and the late Richard Marquand, director of ROTJ. There are many behind-the-scenes pictures that have either never been published before, or have only rarely been seen.
Finally, the 'Pioneer Team' for the Lars Farm Restoration Project is due to leave for Tunisia soon to save and rebuild the iconic set that stands forlornly in the salt flats. Team Leader Mark Dermul's book recounting his many trips to Tatooine is fascinating, and a perma-link to his site can be found on the left here.
Nathaniel Reed, 29th May 2012
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