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November 2008
Mon Mothma - Ruler of Guardians, Keeper of Secrets
30th November 2008
Introduced in Episode VI as the political leader of the Rebel Alliance, Mon Mothma continues this role in Episode VII : Plague of Doom for the Galactic Alliance. The ever calm and regally poised lady witnessed the formation of the Delegation of Two Thousand, the petition beseeching Chancellor Palpatine to ease back on his martial powers, she witnessed the popular Chancellor become an Emperor, and she witnessed the downfall of his Empire at Endor. Since then, she's been permanently occupied as she tirelessly campaigns around the galaxy for her alternative to Emperor Amedda's Imperial regime.
When Luke and the others rescue King Oxus, his niece, Alana Seren, and their friends Chewbacca and Lando from the evil machinations on Imperial-held Kessel, the Jedi Knight volunteers to travel to Coruscant and personally update Mon Mothma.
Luke, Alana, and See-Threepio journey to the capital world, where they are met at the disused Senate Rotunda by Mon Mothma and her chief marshall, Crispin Hoedack. The Galactic Alliance leader takes them to her office quarters, audaciously hidden inside the political forum, and in the very ante-chamber below the senate where, unbeknownst to all, a certain Sith Lord fought a closely-won duel against an aged Master Jedi. Now, it's calm decor reflects the passivity of its new owner.
In this establishing shot by Nat, Mon Mothma welcomes Luke, Alana, and Threepio to her office space directly underneath the disused Senate Chamber.
Once Threepio presents the findings from Kessel, revealing the full horror of the despicable experimentation by the Imperials to command populations by implanted mind control, Mon Mothma initiates the military counter-strike to be led by Admiral Ackbar, grants Luke permission to enter the Imperial Palace, and broadcasts the news to the populace in a holo-transmission wave that rolls through Coruscant and out into the rest of the Galaxy.
Mon Mothma reveals the Imperial plan for mental subjugation, and pre-empts her enemy from striking with surprise. Artwork by Nat.
Much later, in Aquilae Base on Mon Calamar, once the proverbial dust has settled, Mon Mothma gathers the Skywalker Twins to her. She draws from her brief meetings with Padme Amidala Naberrie, as well as what Bail Organa had confided in her, and she reveals to Luke and Leia a little insight into their mother. When Bail was entrusted with the safeguard of Leia Skywalker, he spoke of his ward to Mothma, and of her and her brother's possible future for the Galaxy's return to Light. Beholden to keep the secrets of the fledgling rebel alliance safe, Mothma was also privy to the Jedi Legacy, confident that she too could keep Padme's offspring safe.
In this image by Nat, Mon Mothma reveals to Luke and Leia what little she recalls of Padme Amidala Naberrie, their mother....
This new artwork can be seen in the 'Coruscant' gallery and the 'Mon Calamar' gallery.
Discuss the VE artwork in the forum here !
Nathaniel Reed, 30th November 2008
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