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by Nathaniel Reed,  9/2005

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November 2009
Imperial bargaining on Ondos !
29th November 2009
In the palace throneroom of Ton-Mumdo on Ondos, the Imperial Commander Kane appears before King Oxus and demands a treaty be signed that would transfer authority for the world over to the Empire.
King Oxus scoffs at Commander Kane's demand to sign his planet over to the Empire.
As the King scoffs at the preposterous demand and reiterates his vow that Ondos will never be swallowed up by the Imperial Empire, hovering gas droids enter the throneroom, spewing forth the paralysing purple aura gas ! Even as he was speaking, Kane was co-ordinating an advance of gas droids and a troop dropship to descend upon the city. Jamming the city's sensors and acting swiftly, the commander is able to infiltrate his drones directly into the heart of the city.
An exotic bird falls first victim to the purple aura gas that is spewed forth ahead of the advancing gas droids.
Before anyone can react, the King and his entourage are quickly overwhelmed by the aura gas ! A trance-like state comes over them, paralysing them into obedient semi-conciousness. Stormtroopers from the dropship sweep through to the heart of the palace, and gather the victims......
King Oxus and his entourage inhale the aura gas and immediately fall into a trance-like state....
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Ondos' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
The Official Site recently revealed details of two reference books. Giving a very early heads-up for a 2010 release, the Star Wars Audio Book will look at all the sound effects of the Saga, revealing how they were produced, and even providing sound clip examples courtesy of a nifty little audio gadget attached to the book ! Further information, including a very comprehensive 'making of' article and co-author interview, has been provided for the Star Wars Atlas, which is also being updated online with new EU and canon material as and when it is created.
In fact, the articles for the Atlas have inspired me to re-visit my own version of the Galaxy Map [see link on the left hand side], to re-locate one or two planets and to include the worlds revealed in Episodes VII and VIII, Plague of Doom and The Darkness Within, which I hope to do in the next month or two.....
In addition, the official site has also recently been unveiling details of the extra features in the Clone Wars Series 1 dvd and blu-ray boxsets. As yet, I've been unable to see any of this series, other than the first three episodes that were theatrically released. I hope to get the dvd boxset soon, and will endeavour to give an appraisal here.....
Nathaniel Reed, 29th November 2009
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