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by Nathaniel Reed,  9/2005

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November 2010
The Battle of Kessel begins !
29th November 2010
As Admiral Ackbar sees the small fleet of Star Destroyers rising from Kessel, he realises that the strategy of the Galactic Alliance to mount a swift attack has been thwarted ! The Imperials appear to have anticipated the tactic, and move to engage the Alliance. Unbeknownst to the admiral, his foe had merely been operating under the orders of Commander Kane, having accelerated the loading of what aura gas droids they had manufactured. As the two fleets engage, both sides are faced with an immediate battle theatre.
The admiral signals to Leia and her Devil Group of Jedi pilots, accompanied by the seven Master Jedi Elders, to proceed with her mission forthwith. She leads her group as it launches out of the side hangar bay of the 'Home One'.
Leia Solo leads the launch of Devil Group, accompanied by the Jedi Elders !
As Leia's group proceed with their mission on the planet's surface, the space battle above Kessel rages on ! Having experienced the strategy at the Battle of Endor, the Mon Cal war cruisers move in close against the Imperial Star Destroyers, and brilliant green laserfire is traded between the great ships. The smaller fighters form both sides dart in and out of the dangerous lancing, and race between the 'canyons' formed by the ships' flanks.
The Battle of Kessel rages on !
The Battle for Kessel continues !
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Kessel' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
I was recently able to purchase a signed copy of Mark Dermul's travelogue, a small fee from which goes towards the 'Restore the Lars Homestead Igloo' fund. It's a fun and fascinating tour of Tunisia, following the Tatooine locations used in the Star Wars films, as well as the Indiana Jones movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark. From the SW point of view, there are some nice gems, such as the local name 'Sidi' - as in Sidi Jermour [Anchorhead] and Sidi Driss [The Lars farm interior] - meaning 'Lord' ; discovering that Ben Kenobi's simple abode is sited on the coastline ; the Mos Espa set is still standing, albeit out in the middle of nowhere ! ; three separate grain silo Ksars were utlised by LFL to depict the Mos Espa slave quarters ; 300km separate the Lars igloo and its courtyard pit ; the 'fourth wall' of the Lars courtyard houses a small stage ; the great rolling dunes where the escape pod landed and where 3PO walked past the Krayt Dragon remains are now pretty much flat scrubland, due to the living organic nature of the ever-moving desert ; the 'Star Wars Canyon' is so-called because so many different exterior locations were captured here, afforded by the ability to simply turn the camera around and point it in the opposite direction ! It's a great little book, written with affection, and a superb 'capture' of a movie history locations and sets that are so tenuous in such a transitionary and unforgiving environment.
Finally, breaking news that film director Irvin Kershner has passed away, aged 87. Popularly known for the creation of TESB, George Lucas offered these words on The BBC News website also picked up on the news here. He was instrumental in developing 'Star Wars' into the rich Saga we know today. May The Force Be With You, Kersh.......
Nathaniel Reed, 29th November 2010
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