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October 2004
John Williams to begin scoring Episode III !
16th October 2004
Today's Hyperspace Post-Production notes by LFL staffer Pablo Hidalgo - a successor to his popular on-set notes from Sydney and London - has revealed that John Williams watched the working cut of the film earlier this week, and will put 'quill to manuscript' next week ! This is great news ! As with the previous episodes, the two maestros will have had 'spotting' sessions, where Lucas indicates the styles of themes and specific cues he wants the music to hit. Over the next 2-3 months, Williams will compose the full score - no doubt pushing 120 minutes ! - and then record it with the London Symphony Orchestra in january.
And what can we expect ? Well, we know from The Phantom Menace that Lucas wants to re-use the 'Duel of the Fates' theme, that bold and portentous choral piece for The Duel. 'The Imperial March' (Darth Vader's Theme) will be present, as will Sidious' theme ; variations on Yoda's and Anakin's themes will appear, and some sort of loud fast-paced urgency to accompany the Opening Space Battle.
I would hope to hear some mournful romance too, something springing from the Episode II Love Theme ['Across The Stars'] and merging with the tragic Princess Leia's Theme from A New Hope. And what about the fan favourite, 'Binary Sunsets', for one of those closing images ??! ;o)
As with the cast and crew for this final episode, John Williams will go all out and do us proud, I am sure !
Nathaniel Reed, 16th October 2004
Revenge of the Sith Teaser trailer details revealed ?!
11th October 2004
Fansite, TheForce.Net, has revealed details of the forthcoming teaser trailer for Episode III : Revenge of the Sith !
With further clarification, the site reveals that apparently depicting the moment Darth Vader bows to his Sith Master, the trailer utilises much of the Imperial Theme as images from all six episodes flicker by. And the trailer opens with the mellow tones of Alec Guiness, as he describes to Luke the nature of the Force, the role of the Jedi, and the actions of his "former pupil, Darth Vader".
Discuss the ROTS trailers here. As with the earlier prequel episodes, look to the official site to premiere the teaser trailer in november - only a matter of weeks away ! :o)
Nathaniel Reed, 11th October 2004
Webdoc *10 : The Additional UK Shoot
9th October 2004
The tenth 'Making of Episode III' webdoc has been released this week, and it offers a glimpse into the recent fortnight's pickup shooting at the London Shepperton Studios in the UK.
Although additional dialogue and even new scenes were filmed, the majority of work was to capture the 'interim' shots found in reactions and traverses. And, of course, the online webdoc provides some tantalising previews of action from Revenge of the Sith !
Snaps of daily callsheets revealed the planet names Mustafar and Utapau ; both have been floating about as semi-confirmed rumours for many months now, but it's nice to see the names down in black and white on a Star Wars set !! As we know, George Lucas rarely discards old ideas : Utapau is a name from the early drafts of the 70s, and was, I believe, a one-time Alderaan ! This time around, spies believe the setting is to host the [Highlight to read]chase and death of General Grievous by Obi-Wan Kenobi. Meanwhile, [Highlight to read]the assassination of the remaining Separatist Leaders, and The Fateful Duel, will take place on the vulcanic world of Mustafar.
The same callsheets suggest a triumphant reveal by Chancellor Palpatine ! We also see what could be Obi-Wan standing on the rim of the Lars farm pit gazing out at a fiery horizon, a stance akin to Anakin and Luke. And a troubled Anakin sitting in an empty Council Chamber in the High Jedi Tower.
We've been discussing this latest 'Making Of' in this thread here.
Nathaniel Reed, 9th October 2004
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