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by Nathaniel Reed, 9/2005

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And in time of greatest despair, there shall come a savior, and he shall be known as : THE SON OF THE SUN.
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October 2005
Showcasing the Revenge of the Sith dvd
14th October 2005
The Official Site has now provided us with a comprehensive round up of what to expect on the Episode III dvd package.
In addition to the feature commentary, a documentary showcasing one 49 second scene element, and the 'Chosen One' and Stunt Choreography featurettes, we will see the following deleted scenes :
  • The death of Jedi Shaak-Ti at the hands of General Grievous, followed by the flight of Obi-Wan and Anakin into the ship's fuel tank.
  • A portentous discussion between Yoda, Mace Windu, and Obi-Wan Kenobi regarding Palaptine's power gathering.
  • Rebellious talk between Amidala, Bail, Mon Mothma, and others.
  • Further such plotting in Amidala's penthouse suite.
  • And the fateful presentation of the rebels' concerns to Chancellor Palpatine.
  • Master Yoda's arrival on Dagobah.
  • In North America, the dvd is released on tuesday the 1st of November, while it's released a day earlier, monday the 31st of october, here in the UK : yes, I have my day booked off to purchase it and enjoy ! :o)
    Also, to coincide with the release of the dvd, HyperSpace-accessed audiocasts from the press conference have been published. These include insightful interviews with Ian McDiarmid, Frank Oz, and Rob Coleman, as well as Producer Rick McCallum, who also announced the latest on the 3D animation and TV series. Regarding the much-speculated TV series, we can expect to see 100 hours of minor and EU characters helping us have "all our questions answered" ! It will be produced worldwide, and is scheduled for a 2007 release. And addressing the talk of a 3D Star Wars release, Rick confirmed much testing has been carried out, and effects-heavy layered films will benefit the most since such elements can be split into the three-dimensional world. Unfortunately, it appears quite dependant on film-makers and distributors to inject their faith into the 3D technology.
    And I have completed my Star Wars Galaxy Map, and have even added a second page offering spatial coordinates. Arbitarily taking the top of the plan view of the spiral galaxy as 'North' - remember, we have "Kamino south of the Rishi Maze" ! - and noting that generally the centrifugal forces from the core of a spiral galaxy will flatten and thin out the disc's material, I have mapped x-y points with their associated compass bearings for each planet. Oh, and seeing that a certain hyperspace route from Kessel to Coruscant was 13 parsecs, I took the liberty of naming it the infamous 'Millennium Falcon Kessel Run of less than 12 parsecs' !!
    Nathaniel Reed, 14th October 2005
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