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September 2003
Snippets of spy details !
21st September 2003
One of's spies called in to them earlier with a few snippets : the recycling of at least one discarded planet name, Utupau - I wonder what other old locales survived through the various drafts ?? Also, the spy revealed a little more detail about the new foe, namely dressed in [highlight]white and involved in the main chase sequence [highlight]driving his own vehicle, while Obi-Wan [highlight]rides a creature ! Intriguingly, the spy hints that [highlight]the Chancellor is held captive during the Anakin-[highlight]Dooku fight !
Now that principal photography has wrapped, it seems there has been a flurry of spy reports ! Many people wondered how far the 'Hyperspace' access would negate this ; only time will tell now that we move into the next phase of production !
And here's a stunning and exciting image created by forumer and fan artist Darth Michael, based on what has been revealed in the Hyperspace onset diaries ! A dynamic shot of Obi-Wan and Anakin during their duel !
Nathaniel Reed, 21st September 2003
Who is the "new bad guy" ?!
17th September 2003
Ever since Rick McCallum revealed that there would be a "new bad guy" for Episode III fans have been speculating who - or what - this could be ! As we piece together snippets of clues, the current contender seems to be a cyborg character able to wield lightsabres, present a formidable foe, and, narratively, foreshadow the fate of Anakin Skywalker.
Talking about the young Sith Lord, scans of pictures from the Official French Magazine were briefly displayed on the net : these showed two new senators (in Amidala's apartment ?), Palpatine, and a clear front image of Anakin ! His 'shaggy' hair style does indeed describe his dark and rebellious ways, as well as subtley echoing the (70s) look of his son, Luke, aged about 18, carefree and adventurous.
Spies reporting into again assert that [highlight]Tarkin has a role in the final episode, and comment on the amazing detail that has gone into the makeup and acting tests ! This new thread opens up the debating chamber on this popular character !
And finally, today, the 17th of september, marks the end of principal photography for Star Wars : Episode III ! Other than one or two pickup shoots next year, the remainder of the creative process will now be in post-production .....
Nathaniel Reed, 17th September 2003
Spies hint at Opening Scroll !
7th September 2003
A spy has reported in to, with what is apparently a line from the Opening Scroll !! They indicate that [highlight]Supreme Chancellor Palpatine is captured by the Separatists ! If true, this will certainly shape the plot of the final episode !
Obviously engineered by the Sith Lord himself, it would create what Lucas calls the "Macguffin" that is used to drive the plot forward, whilst the Saga of the Skywalkers unfolds. Presumably Anakin would be involved in the race to save his mentor, as would Count Dooku ! One can but imagine the outcome of a duel between those two ! We have been discussing the ramifications of this in this thread.
Concept visualiser & designer, Ryan Church, has spoken on the Hyperspace Chat feature, and has implied that SEVEN worlds are directly involved in the Clone Wars ! However, he adds that most were discarded during the production refining. Nevertheless, it's interesting to note possible lore trivia, as well as heartening that such 'backstory' detail has been inputted.
More fan artwork has been created recently, and can be seen in the forum thread here. Long-time forum member, CoreWorld, has created this image, inspired by an old Ralph McQuarrie concept painting, familiar to many fans ! Darth Sidious watches from his Imperial throne !
Could this old McQuarrie concept be the setting for part of the Obi-Wan - Anakin duel ?!
More artwork to come soon ....!
Nathaniel Reed, 7th September 2003
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