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January 2014
Leia leads Devil Squadron into Kessel !
31st January 2014
The latest illustrations for our Star Wars sequel trilogy fan-fic, Episode VII : Plague of Doom, continues with Leia leading her Coraller starfighter squadron, "the Devils", in the descent to Kessel, and onwards to the Imperial operations !
As the dusk light of evening falls, the starfighters race towards the stoney planet's surface, and aim for the mountainous buttes that conceal the old Hutt castle and the new Imperial gas factory.
Illustrated by Nat, the Mon Cal Corallers and the Alliance A-Wings race towards Kessel !
Up ahead, Leia spots the narrow rift that leads towards the Hutt castle, the same one that Han had used earlier when they had come investigating the aura spice connection.
Leia leads the squadron towards the narrow rift. Artwork by Nat.
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Kessel' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
In mid-January, TFN reported on the news that the Official Episode VII will commence filming from May 2014. A related news alert sugegsted that Carrie Fisher had revealed that she and Hamill and Ford would begin filming in April. Either way, the ball is rolling now ! :o)
The Official Site introduced us to one of the new characters from the forthcoming animated series 'Star Wars : Rebels'. Chopper is an old astro-mech droid, highly modified, and thus somewhat "cranky, grumpy, and cantankerous". Based partly on the old Ralph McQuarrie designs for Artoo, apparently the droid may well "save the day", but will do so in his own way and in his own good time !
At the end of the month, TFN revealed reports that indicated a possible new direction in continuity for Star Wars and the Official Sequel Trilogy in particular. Essentially, the production team were looking at populating Episode VII (and beyond) with new characters based on their Expanded Universe (EU) counterparts. This would range from secondary characters such as Jedi to primary ones such as Luke's wife, and his & his sister's children.

On the face of it, if true, this might well be a worrying development, since it's obviously going to go counter to all the EU material that has gone before ; even if one doesn't follow the EU, or do so too closely, not only would this upset or at least confuse fans and newcomers, it would result in two masses of material that would ultimately vie for attention, as well as 'canonic truth'. This could be more than just re-developing the backstory of a favourite bountyhunter, re-locating him on Kamino and implying that any contrary stories are simply deliberate fictions to promote the aura and mystique of the character.

Alternatively, we look on the movie episodes as the ultimate canon [which of course they are], and, as the audience, we re-address our existing view of the EU material, while the authors and their support staff find a creative answer as to how it all fits in.

Obviously, the simplest solution is for the OST team to work with the EU material, rather than re-invent it. That may mean that certain characters survived, and it may mean that we finally get to see other significant characters. Or, they fit their OST material within a sparse time frame of the EU timeline. Either way, for the first time, it would mean that the Lucas story is predominately shaped by pre-existing secondary material (more than just lifting names such as Coruscant and Ayla Secura), rather than it lead it with originality.

Apparently this push for the change in continuity came from the top executives of Disney, Lucasfilm (Kennedy), and LFL Licensing (Roffman), clearly the only ones able to authorise such a drastic change.

We shall have to see how this pans out creatively, and how it is embraced by the fans and the general audience - an audience that might not be aware of such continuity nuances.
Additionally, TFN revealed that, in Lucas' mind since Return of the Jedi [1983], Luke Skywalker finds the love of his life, and an ensuing family.
Furthermore, it was indicated that screenwriter Michael Arndt hasn't departed completely from the Star Wars production, and is now involved in Episode VIII. This would make more sense, considering the reason for his departure from Episode VII was that he wanted the story to focus more quickly and immediately on the next generation, while Abrams and Kasdan were keen to retain Luke, Leia, and Han for Episode VII .
Nathaniel Reed, 31st January 2014
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