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:: A trilogy of fan-fic set after Episode VI Return of the Jedi, and inspired by George Lucas' historical draft concepts ::
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the Virtual Edition ?
  • When is the VE-ST set exactly ?
  • What are the episode titles for the VE-ST ?
  • What is the overall story for the VE-ST ?
  • Who is creating the VE-ST ?
  • Why did you start working on the VE-ST ?
  • Is the VE-ST indicative of the forthcoming Official Sequel Trilogy ?
  • Who was Roderick Vonhögen, and what was the original Virtual Edition ?

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  • What is the Virtual Edition ?
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    The Virtual Edition Sequel Trilogy, or VE-ST, is a trilogy of illustrated fan-fiction set after Episode VI Return of the Jedi, and inspired by George Lucas' historical draft concepts. It is a not-for-profit venture, created with love, enthusiasm, and sincerity for the six original films released between 1977 and 2005.
    Originally, the 'Virtual Edition' was a fan-fic illustration site previewing Episode I : The Phantom Menace, based on rumours and production leaks, and created by Roderick Vonhögen back in 1997.
    When is the VE-ST set exactly ? ^
    The first episode of the VE-ST is set about a year after Return of the Jedi, the second episode is set a year after that, and the third episode is set about two years after that.
    What are the episode titles for the VE-ST ? ^
    The first episode is entitled 'Episode VII : Plague of Doom', the second episode is entitled 'Episode VIII : The Darkness Within', and the third episode is entitled 'Episode IX : Duel of the Fates'.
    What is the overall story for the VE-ST ? ^
    'Episode VII : Plague of Doom' opens with Luke Skywalker returning from the Ilum moon in the Kyber system, and meeting his sister Leia Solo training rookiee Jedi pilots in orbit above Mon Calamar. Although Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader had been killed on the Second Death Star above Endor, the deputy Mas Amedda declared himself 'Second Emperor' but announced a populist regime to retain his position, distancing himself from the "evil tyranny of his predecessor". One such benign move was to aid Luke in publicising the call for anyone with "unusual" abilities to come forward for Force-testing. Meanwhile, Mon Mothma, political leader of the Rebel Alliance, is mustering support for the 'Galactic Alliance' (the GA), the new political organisation for free people. However, one such parley to the Imperial border world of Ondos ended with a confusing break in communication and the disappearance of Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca, and she asks Luke, Han, and Leia to investigate. This leads our heroes from Ondos to Nal Hutta to Kessel, where they rescue Princess Alana Seren of Ondos and uncover the Imperials' nefarious plague operation headed by Commander Kane, ending with a climactic space and ground battle on Kessel, and a fierce lightsabre battle between Luke and Darth Kayos - Palpatine's erstwhile aide Sly Moore - in the Imperial Palace - the old Jedi Temple - on Coruscant, from where Emperor Amedda flees ; Amedda is revealed to be the secret Sith Master, Darth Monstross ! Amazingly, seven self-exiled Jedi Masters come forth to Luke's aid, and they help Leia in the attack against the Imperials' operation on Kessel.

    'Episode VIII : The Darkness Within' finds the Galactic Alliance gaining more popular support, and its military arm earning many successes against the remaining Imperial star destroyer fleets. However, it appears that the Imperials have now been focusing on developing a cloaking technology that renders a star destroyer completely invisible ; from such a 'wraith' ship, Admiral Vantos has been carrying out demoralising lightning-fast stealth attacks against vulnerable planets, especially those that originated many of Luke's new Jedi students. Han and Leia have frustratingly been unable to conceive a child, and mysteriously Luke has been unable to find any potential Jedi padawans younger than himself and his sister. While Han coordinates with disloyal Kaminoans who plan to destroy the final Imperial Academy of clone stormtroopers on Kamino, Luke'sJedi Order is keen to bring Vantos to justice. Meanwhile, Leia journeys to the Kyber system and the crystal moon of Ilum to complete her Jedi training by divining the location and construction of a lightsabre unique to her. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to the GA and the Jedi, a traitor in the Jedi Order reveals to Darth Monstross this personal journey that Leia faces, and Dart Kayos is sent to intercept her ; in addition, the traitor persuades the Jedi Order that Vantos is in hiding on a backwater world called Kettlebrae. Luke and a group of Jedi Knights travel to Kettlebrae, which they find to their horror is a natural vergence of the Dark Side of the Force, thus dulling their attunement and abilities ! Meanwhile, Han and Lando lead separate attacks against Tipoca City on Kamino, and although successful, Lando sacrifices himself when he tries to prevent the release of thousands of ancient Sith creatures called bogan that had recently been re-created. Leia also finds herself in jeopardy : although she successfully builds a lightsabre, she is surprised by the appearance of Darth Kayos, who mortally wounds her. Chewbacca, on Han's request, had followed Leia, and was able to rescue her. On Kettlebrae, the traitor reveals himself, and his recent insidious distraction of some of the padawan-knights to the Dark Side ; a fierce lightsabre battle ensues, and Luke and his friends only barely escape with their lives ! Admiral Vantos arrives soon after, and willingly offers shelter to the remaining Jedi. However, the Admiral is tricked too, and not only is he killed, but, persuaded by Darth Kayos, the traitor is killed at the hands of the padawans.... thus sealing their fate : Kayos escorts the young Jedi Knights to Darth Monstross where they are entitled Sith Lords.

    'Episode IX : Duel of the Fates' begins with half the galaxy now under the dominion of the Sith creatures, the bogan, whose Force-empowered presence dulls the surrounding populace into despair. On Corellia, Han and Leia are trying to negotiate a deal with Baron Rabahtt of the Transport Union. The deal falls through, just as the bogan attack the planet, but our heroes are able to escape back to Coruscant. Meanwhile, Luke and other Jedi are helping to direct defences on unharmed Core worlds and coordinate refugee movement. Luke is tricked on one world and captured by bounty hunters, who take him to the Kashyyyk moon of Had Abbadon, the secret lair of Darth Monstross and the primary hatchery for the bogan. Chewbacca and other Jedi have infiltrated Kashyyyk, the Imperial command centre and shipbuilding factory, to seek out hidden hyperspace routes that the GA hopes will give them a tactical edge against the bogan deployment. Han and Leia turn their request for transports to the Hutts, and travel to Tatooine to negotiate with Rotta, Jabba's son. There, coincidentally, Darth Kayos has also journeyed to continue assassinating those who are immune to the Force-effects of the bogan, and she and Leia duel, resulting in the death of the Sith Lord ! Emboldened, they are keen to return to the Core, but Leia is inspired by Force visions to journey out into the desert to discover more about her parentage and the mysterious curse that has prevented new Force-users being born. A tribe of Tuskens capture her, but on seeing the japor snippet that young Anakin had carved, the shaman leader directs her into a cave-oasis.... from where Leia meditates into the mysterious domain of the Netherworld !
    Who is creating the VE-ST ? ^
    The authors & illustrators are two life-long fans of Saga, Nathaniel Reed and Scott Swearingin, who were fortunate enough to have seen the first Star Wars movie in 1977-1978. We are not affiliated to Lucasfilm or Disney in any way. Nat is based in the UK, while Scott is based in the USA. As George Lucas once said of fans and authors, we are simply "playing in his sandpit in a galaxy far far away". The copyright of all official Star Wars content lies with Lucasfilm, and since 2012, LFL/Disney. All original content lies with the two authors of the project, Nathaniel Reed & Scott Swearingin.
    Why did you start working on the VE-ST ? ^
    Shortly after the release of Episode III : Revenge of the Sith' in 2005, both Nat and Scott felt that although we had very much enjoyed the final episode, looking at the six-part saga as a wole, it seemed as if certain plot lines were still unresolved, or could be extended. Since Lucas had originally envisioned a multi-part franchise greater than just six episodes, and there publically existed discarded notes from the screenplay drafts, offering a glimpse into Lucas' mindset, we believed there was still 'mileage' to explore in furthering the six official episodes.
    Is the VE-ST indicative of the forthcoming Official Sequel Trilogy ? ^
    The VE-ST is not in any way indicative or associated to the Official Sequel Trilogy currently being produced by LFL / Disney, the first episode of which is to be directed by J.J. Abrams, and co-written by Michael Arndt and Lawrence Kasdan, from original notes supplied by George Lucas. The VE-ST is purely fan fiction.
    Who was Roderick Vonhögen, and what was the original Virtual Edition ? ^
    Roderick Vonhögen is a dutch catholic priest and life-long fan of Star Wars. Although now very busy with his Church duties, back in the late 1990s, he was inspired by talk of production on a brand new Star Wars film to follow the speculation, rumours, and leaks, with a fan discussion forum, as well as a storyboard-style illustration of scenes. The forum became very popular as a home to mature discussion, and although had different iterations in its early days, it settled on its final structure which still exists today and can be found here.
    Nathaniel Reed, December 2013
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