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July 2015
Official 'Behind the Scenes' video for TFA !
31st July 2015
In mid July, San Diego's Comic-Con hosted the executive crew and cast for The Force Awakens ! Along with a great shared interview - SW7News has a link to the video, which revealed Domnhall Gleeson's character as Imperial General Hux and Gwendoline Christie's Imperial Captain Phasma - a 'Behind the Scenes' video was presented. At just over 3 minutes, the video is a visual plethora of clues from the forthcoming film ! Although actor Mark Hamill is seen introducing the video, tellingly we don't see any filmed footage of him in character, compared to glimpses of Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, Peter Mayhew, and Anthony Daniels : spoiler reports make it increasingly obvious that we must steel ourselves for simply a cameo of Luke Skywalker, all be it at climactic moment..... something that seems to be currently dividing the spoiler-fuelled fan community. At the moment, I sympathise with those wanting more screentime for luke.... yet can fully understand the rumoured plotting and the visual impact of restricting him to a cameo.

However, the video does indeed reveal many wonderful gems, some less obvious than others, and SW7News did a very good job at listing many of those we may have 'missed' !

These include Admiral Ackbar & Nein Nunb, Bossk artwork, Rey flying the Falcon, Poe & Finn together in the Star Destroyer corridor, the base used by the 'Resistance' (Rebel Alliance) that resembles the appearance of the Massassi Temple on Yavin IV, Threepio's red arm, stormtroopers firing upon the 'pirates' associated with Maz Kanata's locale, and AT-AT debris.
In mid July, fan-site MakingStarWars.com revealed details on what appears to be the mid-section and final act of The Force Awakens ?!

It is now widely known that the actress Lupita Nyong'o's character is Maz Kanata, and she is associated in some way with a castle environment and a cantina-bar ; she also seems to have a history with our familiar heroes, and may also be in tune with the Force. We've seen her in the second trailer hand Anakin's lightsabre to Leia. Over two parts, MSW now provides, in bulleted detail, her role in TFA. MSW also presented TFA concept artwork of what Maz probably looks like.

MSW then went further with the detailed revelation of the fate of certain characters within the sequence of the final act.
It appears that many new toy details related to The Force Awakens are being leaked, ahead of the September retail release. One significant revelation is a planet name or battle location, called 'Takodana' ; one of the new TIE fighters reveals a two-seat cockpit and rear cannon ; and new characters Tasu Leech and the Kanjiklub Gang.
Fan Site SW7News lists a summary of the current slew of new literature due out, under the banner 'Journey to the Force Awakens'. The novels are as follows :

  • Star Wars: Aftermath, by Chuck Wendig
  • Star Wars: Lost Stars, by Claudia Gray
  • Star Wars: The Weapon of a Jedi — A Luke Skywalker Adventure, by Jason Fry
  • Star Wars: Moving Target — A Princess Leia Adventure, by Jason Fry & Cecil Castellucci
  • Star Wars: Smuggler’s Run — A Han Solo & Chewbacca Adventure, by Greg Rucka
  • Star Wars: Shattered Empire (5-issue Marvel comic book series), by Greg Rucka

    .... and SW7News also lists a variety of young-reader reference books, too !
    Fan-site StarWars7News.com provided rumour details on the Anthology movie, Rogue One, namely that Darth Vader would be involved, though would not necessarily be the primary antagonist, along with possibly Tarkin and a cast of familiar bounty hunters too, including Boba Fett and the Clone Wars' Cad Bane.
    The Official Site confirmed that the directing duo of Chris Miller & Phil Lord would helm the second Anthology movie, which would reveal the origins of Han Solo, with "the screenplay written by Lawrence Kasdan and Jon Kasdan. The story focuses on how young Han Solo became the smuggler, thief, and scoundrel whom Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi first encountered in the cantina at Mos Eisley."
    The long-running rumour of a live-action TV series resurfaced, following news in March 2015 that Pinewood would be used and to exploit the existing movie sets. The latest talk is of NETFLIX being the preferred distribution platform. This is the now-popular digital medium for TV shows and movies, utilising hardware ranging from TVs to gaming consoles.
    In our illustrated Virtual Edition of Episode VII : Plague of Doom Leia Solo has just gunned her ship towards the end of the narrow rift canyon !
    With the security shield wall above her, Leia slips under the Imperial defence ! The five new TIE fighters doggedly pursue her, with her 'Devil Squadron' of coraller fighters and A-Wing fighters hot on their heels !
    With the security shield wall above her, Leia slips under the Imperial defence !
    From his position at the front of 'Devil Squadron', Jedi Master Sieg Lettow warns Leia that she has two TIE fighters tight on her tail.....
    Jedi Elder Lettow warns Leia that she has two TIEs on her tail !
    Jedi Elder Depa Bilaba advises her to cut to the side, and they'll pick off the fighters, but Leia is certain the Force is suggesting another way.....
    Depa Bilaba, Jedi Elder, suggests a defensive move....
    You can see the VE artwork in the 'Kessel' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
    In my Virtual Edition Episode IX story drafting, I have been re-stressing the role of the Imperials' hyperspace reversion-point drones. It's proposed that where the Imperials and their bogan creatures have re-conquered a star system, they then sow a field of drones at the official hyperspace entry points ; if a rogue or Alliance ship arrives, the cluster of small drones generate an ion blast that disables the newcomer. An alert is then sent either for a local garrison of droid-TIE fighers or for a Star Destroyer to investigate. It is with these dastardly devices that the Imperials can maintain control across the star systems they re-take from the Galactic Alliance !
    Nathaniel Reed, 31st July 2015
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