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June 2014
Harrison Ford injured on Episode VII set !
30th June 2014
On the 13th of June, media outlets and fan sites (TFN, JediNews, and many others) began reporting that Harrison Ford had been injured on the set of Star Wars : Episode VII. Initially announced as a broken ankle, then a few days later reported as possibly a broken leg, the 71 year old actor famous for performing his own stunts, had been airlifted to the specialist fractures unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford. Equally confusingly was the cause of the break, with rumours ranging from a garage door to a hatch (the boarding ramp ??) on the Millennium Falcon ; the constant reference being that a door had "fallen down on the actor's leg".
The concern, obviously, is of the age of the actor and his associated convalescence, as well as clarifying the recuperation time following either an ankle or a leg break. Although the official word verified that the filming schedule would continue, late in the month, rumours surfaced of a production hiatus to allow for a re-planning of the shooting order, though Ford was photographed walking with the aid of a modern prosthetic crutch by the close of the month.
One also wonders how far Ford's fellow actors in shared scenes would be affected, and whether such scenes would be initially shot without Harrison, who could be composited in to the scene with CG greenscreen at a later date.... ?
Early in June, two additional cast members were announced, both female : oscar-winner Lupita Nyong'o and Gwendoline Christie. Their character roles remain a mystery, though Nyong'o may be playing a villain !
Also in early June, entertainment website TMZ released a wealth of location and studio set photos : these ranged from buildings, costumed background characters, and even a cow-like creature (the former revealing a Ralph McQuarrie inspired triumphal arch building) from the Abu Dhabi shoot, to sets under construction at or near Pinewood, including the afore-mentioned 'cow' and a sleeker McQuarrie-esque X-Wing Fighter, but, most significantly, a full exterior set for the Millennium Falcon and the Falcon cockpit set !
By late June, several rumoured strands of subplot were surfacing for the Official Episode VII : that Han was searching for a lost Luke Skywalker ; that elements of the Empire had remained tenacious and survived ; that there were Mandalorians and "Jedi Hunters / Inquisitors / Sith Witches" ; that Boyega's character begins as an enemy soldier, but Daisy Ridley's character would change his outlook and even become romantically involved !
Returning to our Virtual Edition Episode VII : Plague of Doom, as the aerial dogfight above the Kessel surface commences, Master Jedi Elder Shingen Bunden focuses on targetting the Imperial TIE fighters, just as his path is crossed by other members of the 'Devil Squadron' !
Master Jedi Shingen Bunden targets TIE fighters !
As Master Bunden peels away, Master Gri San Wei appears ahead, guns firing !
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Kessel' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
Nathaniel Reed, 30th June 2014
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