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March 2015
Scoring for TFA, and Episode VIII gets a director !
30th March 2015
March saw official news released regarding the Saga and the wider franchise. Firstly, it was announced by SW.com that 83 year old composer John Williams would remain in Los Angeles to score the music to The Force Awakens. Breaking the 6-movie tradition of recording with the London Symphony Orchestra, it was subsequently revealed this was not due to his age and health, but due to the elected production-editing process, resulting in sporadic recording sessions over three months. This approach is odd, but perhaps only so for the tradition set by the previous Star Wars instalments ; it may be that other film producers, and Kennedy and Abrams in particular, prefer to more closely tie the music to finished scenes, rather than re-cut delivered music to a late edit. This implies sequences are being 'locked down' early on, as opposed to Lucas' preferred method of organically shooting and cutting as late as possible.

Secondly, Rian Johnson was announced to write and direct Episode VIII, with Abrams joining Lucasfilm Head Kathleen Kennedy to co-produce it ; the implication here is that these latter two will be similarly involved with Episode IX.
Additional official news came with the announcement that Gareth Edwards' stand-alone 'spin-off' film will be called 'Rogue One'. Award-winner Felicity Jones will lead the as-yet unannounced cast. In addition, french composer Alexandre Desplat was confirmed as being connected to the project.

As regards story, the title suggests we'll follow the band of Rebel Alliance pilots on an adventure, perhaps a formative one..... perhaps, as per associated rumours, an adventure that leads to the gaining the technical plans of the First Death Star ??! MSW has an initial outline of what is currently being heard, involving a scientist who discovers the true purpose of the horrific space weapon !
Continuing the illustrations for the Kessel attack run in our Virtual Edition of Episode VII : Plague of Doom, we have Jedi Elder Depa Billaba calm the rookie pilots of Devil Squadron, urging them to rely on the Force to navigate past the treacherous obstacles of the geyser-filled rift canyon !
Jedi Master Depa Billaba reminds the Jedi students to rely on the Force, not their eyes !
Helping me out, Scott, who had promoted the idea of the Jedi Elders, and created the original look of the aged Masters, was able to take this alternative side profile view of Depa Billaba from Episode I, and age her appropriately.
As the Jedi pilots race through the dim rift, one TIE crashes into the wall, while another fires a lucky shot that catches another Coraller !
Casualties mount in the treacherous geyser-filled rift canyon !
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Kessel' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
At the end of March, Scott, my co-creator of the VE-ST, contacted me to let me know he was sadly unable to continue with the project. Due to personal reasons, he was finding he could not invest as much time and effort as he had hoped, and thus would be forced to 'retire'. I thank him for not only his great input - in both writing and illustration - but also for the superb correspondences we've had over the years, and specifically since 2006 when we had first started the genesis of the Virtual Edition Sequel Trilogy. I will miss you, Scott.
Nathaniel Reed, 30th March 2015
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