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May 2015
Andy Serkis' mo-cap character named !
31st May 2015
Late in May, the official site published a series of photos from the recent Vanity Fair photo-shoot and interviews, and included a behind-the-scenes picture of actor Andy Serkis in his highly-technical motion-capture suit.... naming him as.... Supreme Leader Snoke !!

Ever since the rumours started appearing, we had heard that Serkis' character was code-named 'Uber', which, correctly, implied he played an 'overlord' and directed the villains of the piece. Some reports and fan speculation had proposed he might have been Darth Plagueis - and of course, that still might be the case, since if he is a Sith Lord with a public persona, then he's likely to go by two names - but for the time being we now know him as Supreme Leader Snoke, presumably figurehead of the 'Imperial First Order'.....
The Vanity Fair coverage also interviewed film composer John Williams, who not only praised what he had seen of the film - citing clever and witty - and applauded the director, JJ Abrams, but also confirmed the inter-weaving of existing classic themes where appropriate.
Many rumours are now pointing to the conclusion that the Yavin system will return to the movie canon, and presumably the fourth moon, Massassi, in particular. This location will supposedly see much exposition revealed, and a possible flashback sequence to Luke Skywalker's early academy ; Rey, who has spent much of her life on the arid desert world of Jakku, is literally overcome by the verdant greenery ! But equally, she apparently learns some terrible truths about her family......
In mid-May there came a flurry of interviews revealing more of the production process, from the research and conceptualising and writing, to Lucas' influence and the desired running time, to Daisy Ridley's fighting style as Rey with the 'bojutsu' staff-duelling, to young actor and parkour gymnast Pip Andersen suggesting he might have a slightly bigger role than originally thought.
In our illustrated Virtual Edition of Episode VII : Plague of Doom, Leia Solo's Devil Squadron of Jedi pilots race through the twisting geyser-filled canyon that leads to the Imperial aura spice factory !
With the last few TIE fighters caught against the narrow canyon walls, Artoo Detoo updates Leia that only one remains !
Artoo notes that two of the last three pursuing TIE fighters have been destroyed !
Suddenly, a huge geyser erupts ahead of Leia ! Insticntively, she ducks down under the mushrooming cloud og gas and water, and her squad follows in sync with her. The pilot of the TIE fighter is not as quick, and his ship ploughs into the fountain, where it careens off into the canyon wall !
The last TIE fighter gets blown into the canyon wall by the fountaining geyser !
Flying tightly with Devil squadron, Jedi Elder Oppo Rancisis confirms that was the last of their pursuers..... until the Force warns him that yet more fighters are poised to drop in from above !
Master Oppo Rancisis senses that more TIE fighters are on their way !
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Kessel' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
Nathaniel Reed, 31st May 2015
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