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November 2015
A plethora of Trailers and TV Spots for The Force Awakens !
30th November 2015
Through the month of November, contrary to the reported quote from JJ Abrams that there would only be one full trailer, several trailers and mini-trailers (TV spots) and BTS featurettes were released. The most noticeable, shortly after the first trailer, was another full-length trailer so-called the 'international trailer' ; then followed a flurry of short teaser and mini trailers, as well as 'Behind the Scenes & Interviews' featurettes presented by a PR outlet of the Disney Corporation.

The material can be found across the web, especially YouTube, but fansite SWNN has a link to a recent upload by 'the Disney Experience', that re-presents the images in (almost) a chronological order, lasting nearly seven minutes !

Needless to say, even with overlapping and repeating imagery, it's been truly wonderful to wallow in new Star Wars imagery ! :o)
In addition, through the latter half of the month, Entertainment Weekly published a series of fairly revealing interviews. Mo-Cap actor Andy Serkis revealed that not only did he act with Driver and Gleeson, but that he was positioned on a high pedestal to help them all visualise Serkis' Supreme Leader Snoke character being "30 foot tall". The speculation persists that Snoke could in fact be Darth Plagueis, the Munn Sith Lord who trained Palpatine, and although the "thirty foot tall" analogy tempers things, I for one hope that we do indeed see Plagueis now.

Daisy Ridley and John Boyega - Rey and Finn - also shared some interesting backstory, with us learning that Rey has been on Jakku since she was five years old, and, as per the trailers, she's been waiting "all her life for her family"..... now is that a plot point, or what ??!
A new Star Wars Galaxy Map has been produced and published, and it's been spotted that, when compared with other published maps, the new Starkiller Base - the First Order's star destroying superweapon, housed in an ice world - is located (or it's "origin" is located) at the same coordinates as Ilum the ice planet where the Jedi mine their Kyber crystals. Obviously, this intruigingly implies that the Imperials / Sith have exploited the crystals and harnessed their power... and I like the sound of this idea in the context of the known SW history as well as its irony !
At the end of the month, the CD track listing titles for TFA were discovered and revealed ! There was little that was overly 'spoilery', but it did confirm many of the rumours that had been circulating for the past year.
There's also been further revelations regarding the transition of power from George Lucas to Disney, and the creative decisions regarding Star Wars and its new canonical material. Lucas compares it to a "break up", with JJ Abrams confirming that Disney had rejected Lucas' story outline even before Abrams was signed on. But thankfully both Kennedy and Abrams had quizzed Lucas in detail, and regard Episode VII as the offspring to the six movies that came before. It seems quite arrogant on Disney's part, but I'm sure that the Saga and the franchise remain in good hands with Kennedy.
In the autumn, an american fan with terminal cancer made it known that his life expectancy would be much shorter and thus he would very likely miss the chance to see The Force Awakens. Daniel Fleetwood's story was picked up by several fan and mainstream media news outlets, so much so, that in early November, LFL / Disney granted him the opportunity to see a non-finalled version of Episode VII ! As it happens, Daniel then died about a week after seeing the film. Thankyou to the film-makers for giving a fan this opportunity.
In the illustrated fan-fic Episode VII : Plague of Doom Leia Solo lines her ship up on the open doorway of the Imperial gas factory complex on Kessel !
In this simple - but hopefully effective ! - animation that I created, Leia's Coraller races through the factory complex past the vats containing the aura gas ! She fires a proton torpedo volley, and begins a chain reaction of a huge fireball that rips through the complex, and engulfs the last pursuing TIE fighter !
Leia fires a proton torpedo volley that causes the factory to erupt into a huge fireball !
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Kessel' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
For the VE fan-fic Episode IX : Duel of the Fates I've been re-formatting the story into the style of a shooting script. I've been working sequentially, moving from Corellia to Coruscant, and intercutting to Serenno and Kashyyyk, and near-definitively 'locking down' on the plotting. New ideas and twists still come to me, and I add them in as I work my way along, but the majority of those new thoughts are in the latter half of the story, and are more to do with the timing of certain events and linking those events together more coherently and excitingly.....
Nathaniel Reed, 30th November 2015
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