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October 2014
Episode VII conceptual pre-production artwork leaked online !
31st October 2014
Early in October, the forum MillenniumFalcon.com published conceptual artwork. One doesn't know if any of these images made it through to the final film, but the fan community has ben in a tizz ever since !! The artwork ranges from ships and locales to characters to specific events. The quality of the painting is superb, as rich as the paintings for ROTS but more detailed.
Interestingly, spy reporting was backed up with passersby witnessing and overhearing an Episode VII scene ! In a forest glade, near an Imperial fortification, Han and Chewie are supposed to be escaping the enemy defence. Obviously, it's not clear if this is a solo adventure for them or if there are other heroes involved, nor where and when this sequence plays out, but it's certainly exciting reading about such scenes ; like the leaked Qui Gon and Darth Maul desert duel pictures from the early days of The Phantom Menace, these scenes suddenly bring it to life and make it all the more real !!
More concept art appeared implying the look of the episode's main villain, or at least, one of the villainous foe, perhaps akin to the bodyguards assigned to General Grievous.This villain wears a full faceplate mask in knightly design and a full body robe.... but what is intriguing is the bladed cross-hilt at the end of the lightsabre handle ?!
Following on from a comment by John Williams himself at a recent concert, reports suggest that the maestro is about to record original music for a trailer that might be released by Christmas ! As far as I recall, previous teaser trailers have utilised existing movie music, so this will be a great Christmas present for fans indeed !!
Fansite starwars7news.com posted an interesting 'essay' partly speculating on Episode VII and the Sequel Trilogy : understanding that the Star Wars populace would only really know of the Jedi as the traitors quelled in Order 66 and its aftermath, how might they regard a resurgent powerhouse of "wizards" ? Might this be why Luke possibly goes into a self-imposed exile, as he recognises the dangers of his powers and "his kind" ?? And if he has secured an academy of students, or if there is a myriad of untrained Force-users out there, what assurance is there to the rest of the Galaxy that these individuals will wield their power wisely ? Might these questions form the crux of a plotline to be found in this episode, or even running through all three sequels ?
On the last day of October, Mark Hamill tweeted a picture of he and his wife outside Pinewood..... the interesting thing being that the actor is now beardless, making us all assume that he has now finished his filming on Episode VII ! Other cast and crew have recently indicated that they've completed filming so it does indeed look that, without fanfare, this primary stage of production is now over.

Shortly afterwards, a photo surfaced of a formal but very sincere open letter to the cast and crew of Episode VII from the principal executives thanking them for their hard work and dedicated commitment. Almost out of sight and on the edge of the picture can be seen the 'production cap' emblazoned with "VII".
Towards the end of the month, an upcoming new reference book was revealed : Star Wars Costumes The Original Trilogy. As with the previous Prequel Trilogy Costumes tome, by designer Trisha Biggar, this will look in exhausting detail at the clothing for the OT heroes. SW.com also supplied an article describing the author's time with John Mollo, costume designer on ANH and TESB.
Several sites picked up on the publishing details for the final, sixth, season of Clone Wars on the DVD & Blu-Ray formats. This edition will be due out on the 11th of November 2014.
Our Virtual Edition of Episode VII : Plague of Doom continues, as does the thrilling dogfight above the stoney deserts of Kessel !
As the TIE fighter doggedly pursues Master Oppo Rancisis's A-Wing fighter, Master Dree Tan and his two padawan wingmen in their Coraller fighter craft daringly zip past between the two ships ! Relying on the Force to time the intercept just right, the three ships' afterburners scorch the pursuing TIE fighter !
The TIE fighter is scorched by the afterburners of the extra ships suddenly appearing ahead !
Oppo smoothly loops around and targets the disorientated TIE fighter. The Jedi Elder thanks his comrades as the enemy sentry ship explodes in the background....
The final TIE sentry explodes under Master Rancisis' guns !
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Kessel' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
Nathaniel Reed, 31st October 2014
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