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The Prophecy
And in time of greatest despair, there shall come a savior, and he shall be known as : THE SON OF THE SUN.
And he shall bring Balance to the Force.
"Journal of the Whills, 3:12"
Welcome to
Nathaniel Reed's
:: An ongoing episodic story of fan-fic set after Episode VI Return of the Jedi, and inspired by George Lucas' historical draft concepts ::
October 2021
Rumour that Anakin will be in the 'Ahsoka' series
31st October 2021
In late October, the rumour surfaced that Hayden Christensen, already confirmed for the 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' TV show, will return as Anakin for the live-action show 'Ahsoka'. Fan-site SWNN reports that several sources for the 'Hollywood Reporter' have verified Hayden's involvement, though without any corresponding detail : it remains conjecture as to whether his role would be as an advising Force Ghost to his one-time padawan, or if there would be substantial flashbacks revealing scenes between the two of them.

Meanwhile, a more recent report suggests that filming for 'Ahsoka' might even start in December of this year !
The illustrated virtual edition of Episode VII : Plague of Doom continues, and as the gas droids are loaded on to the first of the waiting Star Destroyers, the hover-sleds that had carried some of the escaping prisoners return for more ! Meanwhile, the shriek of TIE fighters in the sky above herald a second contingent of pursuers racing to intercept the Millennium Falcon !
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Kessel' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
My prose writing for virtual edition Episode X 'The Riddle of the Pirates' continues towards its epic climactic batle and conclusion, expanding on Jedi Master Flo-Ra and her team's engagement with the pirates......
Nathaniel Reed, 31st October 2021

Master Flo-Ra swung her blade and parried the incoming blow. She rotated her sword and flicked it up high, lifting her opponent’s lightsabre in to the air. She spun on her heel, crouching low at the same time, her tunic skirts flaring out, and sliced the pirate through the abdomen. As he collapsed, she straightened, took a breath, and allowed herself the opportunity to glance around.

Most of the pirates had been killed or knocked unconscious. They had been prepping the small starfighters that lined one side of the hangar. One Jedi Knight lay dead, and though the commandoes had moved to the sides to avoid the intense duelling, some had been caught up in the skirmish, and been injured or killed. One Knight remained locked in combat, and another was moving in to offer support.

Master Skywalker had urged the Jedi to only kill as a last resort, and instead look to render them unconscious or to capture them. But he had also warned them, from his experience on Serreillea, that the dark side of the Force would compel them to fight to the death, and in that rage they would be formidable foes. The Grand Master Jedi’s insight, Flo-Ra, now concluded, had been correct. Although she herself had never faced a Sith Lord before, she had fought against the Bogan, the ancient creatures resurrected by the most recent Sith Master, Lord Monstross. While these pirates were untrained in the ways of the Force, and did not have the ingrained strength of legacy power that those Sith monsters had had, the vitality from anger and fear energised her foe like only the insidious Dark Side of the Force could ever do.

Flo-Ra heard running, the sound growing louder, and she looked over to the entrance at the back of the hangar. Yet more pirates were arriving. She sighed in resignation, and then mentally re-focused. The Force illuminated to her once more and she discerned the fire of the Dark Side burning even more brightly about several of the newcomers : an Umbaran woman, a Rodian male, a four-armed Besalisk, and a human male, dressed in a short cape and colourful tunic with loose fitting trousers, who was gesturing with his arms and seemed to be giving orders.

Chekkel had not only heard the commotion from Hangar Two, he had sensed it as well. The turbulence in the buzz had unsettled him. And then word came down from command that the invaders were taking the upper hand, and that there were even more breaches in action. Yuide was making for the comp room, and Zaavu was looking to meet the incursion near the dorms.

As soon as Adelly had landed, he had updated her, and assigned her and her new volunteers to join him and his soldiers in repelling the newcomers in Hangar Two. He led them to the doorway of the hangar, took in the scene with one glance, and began directing his crew to either side to intercept the attackers. Seeing their fellow crew-mates laying dead or injured stoked the hatred inside them all, and Chekk palpably felt the buzz slip and slide slickly around him. As he glanced left and right, he could sense that the other pirates, though ignorant perhaps of the energy itself, were equally enflamed. A vital strength emanated from them all.

The Alliance commandoes, ranged along the sides, opened fire with a salvo of red laser bolts. Chekkel and Adelly and two others snapped their lightsabres into life and deflected some of the blasts. Chekk bore two swords and twirled both with skill. The remaining pirates, with an attack yell, ran headlong towards the pockets of Jedi, who leapt back defensively and took up blocking stances.

Chekk nodded to Adelly and the handful of pirates alongside her, and they moved to engage the commandoes, who drew forth and activated energy-batons. The Captain jutted with his chin to two pirates flanking him, and then he led them into the fray too. The three of them smashed their way into one Jedi, and soon over-powered him. But a female human Jedi leapt over to them, and skilfully sliced off the arm of one pirate, and then traded blows between Chekkel and his remaining companion, a Weequay. As skilled as the Jedi was, she was no match for the brutality of the sheer power of the Dark Side that swirled around the two pirates, and she was forced to retreat. She took a slice to the leg and cried out in pain.

Master Flo-Ra heared her companion nearby, and saw her stumble. She herself flicked her sword and disarmed her opponent, and then pushed out with her left hand sending the pirate hard into the hull of a starfighter. She looked again at her friend over whom the Weequay towered with his sword raised high and about to deliver a killing blow. The caped pirate, buoyed with triumph, had turned to engage a cluster of three Jedi. Flo-Ra hurled her sword, and the blue blade spun through the air and sliced off the Weeq’s hands ! He howled in pain and shock, and the Jedi on the deck pushed out with both her hands and the pirate was sent flying into the roof. As the Weeq crashed to the floor, Flo-Ra’s blue blade arced back around to her outstretched hand. The dark-blue Rodian whom she had recognised as being strong in the Dark Side now stepped up to her, and she turned to face him, blue blade against blue blade.

Chekk was startled by the sudden turn of events, but the anger erupted once more, and he sliced and stabbed with his swords. One of the Jedi took a cut to his chest and fell, and the other two Jedi stepped back to increase a defensive space. One of the Knights pushed out with his hand to throw Chekkel off his feet, but the buzz swirled and bolstered the Captain, and he simply turned his shoulder into the buffeting and swayed on his feet. Surprised by the reaction, the Jedi was not quick enough to dodge the pirate’s wide arcing sword, and he lost his hand. Chekk stamped forward a step and swung his other sword up high across the remaining Jedi, instantly following with a down-cut against the amputated Jedi with his other sword. The two Jedi crumpled to the deck.

Flo-Ra could feel the heat of the anger emanating off the Rodian, and knew that the only way to deflect his empowered strength was to exploit it as a distraction. She lunged to the right and then feinted to the left and then stepped back as the Rodian parried and stabbed countering her moves. The raw power of the Dark Side meant his fear-fuelled reactions were quick, which meant she needed to draw him into making a mistake. She took another step back and then began a sweep low to the right, but switched it at the last minute to flick up. The blade cut across his scaly cheek, startling him and briefly pausing his response. Anticipating his enragement, she blocked two quick blows, and leapt back, drawing the Rodian towards her. As he stepped forward, Flo-Ra crouched and spun on her heel, keeping her sword close to her body hiding her intent. As she came about she flicked the sword down and up across her foe’s chest. He valiantly tried to parry the attack, but it unbalanced him, and as he twisted to the side, Flo-Ra followed the line with a side cut that caught his lower back and hip. He howled in pain, but spun about lashing out with his sword. Flo-Ra jerked back, but the sword tip cut her shoulder. The Rodian collapsed to his knees, and shot her a look of hatred. He stabbed forward, but Flo-Ra danced to the side, and sliced off his arm. Unperturbed, anger and hatred fuelling him, he grabbed at the blaster at his belt with his left hand, raised it, and shot wildly towards the Jedi. A tight quick move by her blue blade returned the blaster bolt back into the Rodian, throwing him backwards to the deck.

Chekkel watched his friend go down. Hatred surged like an ocean all around him, and he raised his swords high. The Jedi woman would die.

But then the pounding ocean of blood-red hatred and fear suddenly calmed like the eye of a storm. Almost as if all sound and motion was drained from the Hangar Bay, the buzz demanded his attention with a vision : he saw Yuide surrounded by the black fire as he and the other pirates were, but this fire burned cold and icy, and stretched out across the star-lit cosmos. His brother was in mortal danger !

Chekkel glanced towards the doorway leading back into the base. A pirate fought two commandoes brandishing their lit batons near the entrance. He turned and ran full pelt at them. He batted the soldiers away with his swords, and disappeared into the complex.

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