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The Prophecy
And in time of greatest despair, there shall come a savior, and he shall be known as : THE SON OF THE SUN.
And he shall bring Balance to the Force.
"Journal of the Whills, 3:12"
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:: A trilogy of fan-fic set after Episode VI Return of the Jedi, and inspired by George Lucas' historical draft concepts ::
September 2018
Gary Kurtz, producer, dies.
30th September 2018
On September the 24th it was announced that Gary Kurtz had died at the age of 78. His Star Wars influence came from the fact that he was a long-time friend to George Lucas, and helped him produce - and shape - A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Kurtz had also worked on Lucas' American Grafitti and Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal.
In mid September, it was revealed that Snoke mo-cap actor Andy Serkis had cancelled a convention appearance due to "conflicted filming schedules". What with the actors for the Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca roles also recently cancelling appearances for similar reasons, we are left to wonder if the Supreme Leader might make an appearance - back from the dead - in Episode IX ??!
At the end of September, fansite MSW revealed set-build photos for the new live-action TV series ! It certainly has a "Tatooine vibe" to the architecture.... but as we've seen before with the new movies, we can't let that influence our reading of where this may end up ! Also, recent reports suggested that this series would feature - or follow - the Mandalorians.
Co-Writer Jon Kasdan released '52 factoids' about his film SOLO, which offered illuminating but slightly indulgent insights into the creative choices when writing the film, as well as on-set anecdotes. One I found interesting was the deliberate inclusion of Han throwing the stone in Lady Proxima's lair to inform the much later scene with Leia pulling a genuine thermal detonator on Jabba, and the implication that Han had related that story to her at some point (after Yavin but before Hoth !).
ILMxLAB's latest adventure will be entitled Vader Immortal, and players will visit and explore the Dark Lord's castle on Mustafar, encounter Vader, and wield a lightsabre ! interviewed Mohen Leo, the director of Immersive Content, to reveal how this idea came about, and what factors influenced the canon-syncronised story-telling and playability using Occulus Quest.

For someone who's experienced the VR 'game' Secrets of the Empire - also set on Mustafar, and apparently a precursor timewise to Vader Immortal - I can't wait to dive into this one ! The SotE 'show' was exciting and wholly immersive as, dressed as rebels disguised as stormtroopers, you had to race through the outer parts of Vader's castle to locate a key piece of equipment. My only concern was the fairly frenetic nature of the 'first person shoot-em up' and thus the slighty confusing goal of the game. But I'm hoping that the visuals, the audio, and the 'mission' will have been greatly improved this time around !
LFL confirmed that Kathleen Kennedy will continue in her role as President until 2021 ; this follows the somewhat lacklustre performance of SOLO, and Disney CEO Bob Iger's acceptance of that fact, and that Disney/LFL will slow down their productions and re-focus on what they currently have. LFL will apparently "expand the universe with new characters introduced in movies and television shows"... currently the Jon Favreau live-action TV show (2019), the resurgent 'Clone Wars' animated series (2019), and the new 'Resistance' animated series (late 2018).
In the virtual edition Episode VII : Plague of Doom, the evil scientist Doctor Bloodory had successfully demonstrated the dociling chip implanted in King Oxus' brain. Under the remote control of Bloodory, the former ruler of Ondos was forced to announce his name and title, and then draw a hand blaster and aim it at Weesla the Hutt ! Before a shot could be fired, the King laid down the gun, and returned to the medi-table without comment.
Weesla is surprised and disgusted by the apparently cowardly control the Imperial scientist had over the King, and assured Commander Kane that no Hutt would fall victim to such underhand conquest, that the Hutts prided themselves on intellect, cunning, and direct and clear action !
Commander Kane steps up to the Hutt, and questions Weesla's loyalty to the Empire, and how it might jeopardize his prize of the Hutt throne. The Imperial warlord dismisses the Hutt, calling him a "weasel" !
You can see the VE artwork in the 'Kessel' art gallery as well as in the online illustrated story, and you can discuss this in the forum here !
Nathaniel Reed, 30th September 2018
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